Thinking of starting your doula journey this year or next?

Then we have some spots left in our courses running in Cambridge, Surrey, Manchester & Winchester. See this page for details. Here’s Maddie talking a little bit about what it means to do a doula course. And if you’re already a doula and are looking for some on-going learning, have a look here for our […] Read more »

Taking the Rough With the Smooth

I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you that when you decide to commit yourself to a woman or couple, as their doula, you are signing up for the whole shabang. During the natural course of your career supporting new parents, you are bound to find yourself in situations that are tough. You may […] Read more »

Warm Words

Your calm, kind, passionate ways just spill over into everything you talk about and it inspires people. You inspired me from the moment I came across your website and more and more every time we meet. I feel like you have brought me home Read more »

The Poetry of Self Worth

Here’s a lovely piece of work by a recent DD graduate. The Value of a Doula I hear you I listen to your words, and I listen to your silences Your hopes, your fears Your beliefs and projections Your future and past Your unspoken/whispered/shouted words are welcome, heard and acknowledged I see you I see […] Read more »

5 Ways I Listen to Women

I’ve been thinking a lot about listening recently. These two ears have heard some stories, I can tell you! I hear stories of love, trauma, betrayal, bitterness, jealousy, romance, exaltation and secrets that would turn you scarlet. As I listen to women, I watch their faces or, if on the phone, listen as hard as […] Read more »

Amazing DDs!

There are amazing things going on out there in the world that are being manifest by Developing Doulas graduates. In one city, an enormous group of mothers have found friendship, freedom to nurse in public and a sense of empowerment – all brought together by one new doula. Somewhere else in the world, a young […] Read more »

A new group on the horizon

I love the feeling of anticipation as I gear up to begin a new course and meet a new group of aspiring doulas. They all sound so lovely, passionate and committed to supporting new parents on the phone…but what will they be like in real life? It can be un-nerving working with a new group […] Read more »