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Hopefully your questions about our doula training are answered here – if not get in touch.

These questions cover the main Developing Doula initial doula preparation course. Info about Doulavation is here

How long is the course?

5 days. Sometimes consecutively, sometimes divided into 2 workshops

Why is the course sometimes divided into 2 workshops?

To provide you with a time for reflection and time to begin your assignments. The time in between also allows you to begin the process of setting yourself up as a doula in your local area. It means you will know the other women on the course for much longer than 5 days, and form friendships that we hope will be fruitful and supportive during your doula career. Sometimes the course is taught in 5 straight days because it suits the course participants better. We hope to be able to give you the choice.

Do I need to have had children to be a doula?

No. There are many doulas who started this work before having their own children – they successfully find clients and are sensitive, loving doulas.

Do I need any relevant experience, skills or qualifications?

No, all we ask is passion, commitment and an open heart.

How much does the course cost?

t costs £700. If you need to pay in instalments, just choose this option on the booking page. If you would like to discuss your circumstances and need extra support to begin your journey, please talk to us.

Can you run the course somewhere closer to where I live?

Sometimes. If you would like to host a course and can help fill the places, feel free to get in touch.

I It seems so hard for me to face the prospect of leaving my family to attend the course. Can I bring my children with me?

Yes, if you bring another adult with you who can take the children out and entertain them for the day or who can stay nearby with your breastfed baby til s/he needs a feed. We love babies and children, which is why we have to say with a heavy heart that they are too distracting to have in a room with women who are learning and often sharing deep, private emotions. Becoming a birth or postnatal doula will involve leaving your children sometimes. The doula journey is an adventure, taking you to people and places you never thought possible. Most doulas say this journey makes them more fulfilled – as women and mothers. If you feel you just could not leave your children to attend a course, then we’d suggest you think about how you would intend to leave them to attend a birth or work postnatally. Attending the course might be your first practice in arranging childcare, which will be necessary at least sometimes should you choose to work as a doula.

I am a trained midwife or Student Midwife – can I be a doula?

Yes. The midwife’s journey is a slightly different experience of transition as you work out the boundaries between the 2 roles. We have a lot of experience supporting midwives as they begin the transition to the doula role. If you would like to speak to other midwives we have supported through the transition, please get in touch. My children are grown and I’m retired now.

Am I too old to do the course?

No! What a wealth of life wisdom you have to share!

I am still under 20 – am I too young to train?

No! Your valuable traits and experiences have led you to want to support others. How very special you are!

Will I feel welcome if I belong to a minority group?

We really hope so! The birthworld is working hard to be inclusive and make sure that there is a doula for every family that wants one – and that doulas can come from the same communities as the families they serve. Have a look at our equality and diversity statement and know that we welcome your feedback on how we can improve accessibility to our training and our understanding of your needs on our courses. We commit to always striving to make sure you feel included.

Why do you say I have to speak to you the phone before you can confirm me a place?

Because we don’t just welcome anyone. We want to support people who are ready to go off and be the best doulas they can be, either now or in the future. We want to create doulas who have true and heartfelt motives – and we want to get to know you a little before we meet! x

Do I have to join Doula UK after I finish the course?

No, but we hope you will! Doula UK accredits all the courses, provides learning, sharing, camaraderie and emotional support to all it’s members. It is run by doulas, for doulas and is great fun to be a part of.

After five days training am I fully prepared to start as a doula?

Yes, after the course and you have finished your post-course work, you can join Doula UK and get going! Doing a course is not about ‘training’, but about preparation for your role. We are always developing as doulas; our whole lives – hence the name of this course!

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