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We NEED More LGBTQIA Doulas!

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Specialist course for people from the LGBTQIA community who wish to be doulas Hey there wonderful doulas in the making!  My name is Aimee and I am one of the DD course facilitators. Are you an aspiring doula who identifies as part of the LGBTQI family?We are offering a really exciting opportunity to train as … Read more

Aimee offers a London doula course and talks about why being a London doula is just a little bit different…

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DD are offering an in-person course in April 2021 in North London, and I get the honour of being your guide for this transformative and nurturing 5 days. So you are thinking about becoming a birth or post-natal doula and you live or intend to work in London, this might be the course for you!  … Read more

Choice is Like a Biscuit Selection Box

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  When my clients go to see an obstetrician they are often expecting a figurative offer of a cuppa and a biccie. A good host proffers the whole selection box, because to assume your guest likes only digestives is a bit presumptuous. But it rarely goes that way. What they more often get is no … Read more

Why Doulas Matter and Why Mothering Matters, 2 books by Maddie McMahon

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I have written a book about the support that doulas offer families. It was written with parents in mind – a little bit of doula in your pocket, so to speak, but I am told it is useful for doulas, midwives and anyone interested in maternity care to learn more about the role doulas play … Read more

Words from one of our graduates – Daiany Katia Bradley

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breastfeeding study day

Back to Basics It has been a while since I have thought about what to write for my Developing Doula assignment. Like birth, I feel I can`t force things to happen and I understand I need to write about something I resonate and connect with. So this is going to be an openhearted reflection. These are my thoughts … Read more

Connected, by Lina Duncan, AKA Global Doula

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As a newbie back to the UK and to the Doula world I’m excited and little nervous about what my journey will look like. Having completed a course two weeks back with Developing Doulas I’m fired up to keep the sparks burning. Meeting with like-minded women on a daily basis for five days we formed … Read more

Thinking of starting your doula journey this year or next?

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Then we have some spots left in our courses running in Cambridge, Surrey, and Blackpool See this page for details. Here’s Maddie talking a little bit about what it means to do a doula course. And if you’re already a doula and are looking for some on-going learning, have a look here for our lovely … Read more

Taking the Rough With the Smooth

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I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you that when you decide to commit yourself to a woman or couple, as their doula, you are signing up for the whole shabang. During the natural course of your career supporting new parents, you are bound to find yourself in situations that are tough. You may … Read more

Warm Words

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Your calm, kind, passionate ways just spill over into everything you talk about and it inspires people. You inspired me from the moment I came across your website and more and more every time we meet. I feel like you have brought me home

So you can drink tea intelligently? Yes and with love!

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Here is a wonderful, tactile and gorgeous-smelling explanation of the precious gift we give when we listen to our clients. What a talented DD! Kay King, thank you for your beautiful creation!    

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