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I’m a doula because I care about motherhood, mental health care, and human rights. I believe strongly in your right to make your own informed choices. I offer care and support free of judgment.

The area I cover

Greater London including Central London, SE, SW, N, E, NW, W, EN, and sometimes CR, IG or KT.

Getting in touch

The best way to contact me would be by writing an email to [email protected] or sending a text message to 07899829314. After that, we could arrange a video call to see if I can accommodate what you require. I always put my all into everything I do and I would like you to feel safe and assured when you decide whether or not to work with me.

More about me

My name is Ariadna Nazaret and I’m from Spain. There, I studied to be a masseur and an X-ray technician. Although I was able to help many people in those roles, it did not fill my heart. I’ve lived in London since 2018. I started my journey working in childcare, which sparked my interest in working with families. Since 2020, I have been educating myself on all things pregnancy and birth related. I have a special interest in baby development and I celebrate every milestone we reach. I’m also volunteering in a breastfeeding group to help more people and expand my knowledge.

Why do I do what I do?

I’m a doula because I care about motherhood, mental health care, and human rights. Being a doula is the perfect combination of my passion for the science of pregnancy and my life motto that everyone deserves to be heard and respected. I will provide you with evidence-based research, alongside anecdotal information that can be used or not. I will not advise you, instead I will hold the space for you to make the best decision for you and your family. I believe strongly in your right to make your own informed choices and for that reason, I can offer care and support free of judgment.

I believe that we deserve better maternity care and more recognition for the wonder of childbirth. We need clarity of communication and more empathy between humans, especially when there is a baby on the way. I want to do the best I can with the information I have to ensure that the baby comes into the most loving and supportive environment.

I do what I do because a good start makes a big difference. I understand the importance of early childhood care and how crucial it can be for the future of the family and the child. In short, I care about people.

What can I do for you?

I am a birth and postnatal doula. I have experience working with first-time parents and supporting parents with their second baby too. We all have unique wants and needs and for that reason, I offer custom-made support. I like to adapt my guidance and schedule to the family’s needs and I also work overnight if necessary.

I offer antenatal sessions so we can discuss your birth preferences and create your ideal birth plan including plans B and C to cover any unforeseen changes. We could also talk through the reality of labour, what to expect, how your body may feel and how your partner (if you have one) can support you. Additionally, I can help you plan for what support you may need in your postnatal period, help you to prepare for early parenthood and plan how you will look after yourself and your baby when they arrive.

This may include in-person visits with me to help with feeding, newborn care and emotional support as you get used to your new family dynamics. All of these services also can be provided online.

If you would like to contact me, my email address is [email protected] and my phone number is 07899829314. I also have social media (Facebook page and Instagram with the same name) @aridoulacare


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