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The Reigate Doula

Life can feel overwhelmingly stressful sometimes and nobody knows that more than a parent with a baby or babies in that first year. My goal is to lighten that load and care for you.

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The area I cover

Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Horley, Caterham, Godstone and surrounding areas.

Getting in touch

The best way to contact me is on whatsapp or messenger, just send me a message on 07739 324 266 to say hello to check my availability and then we can arrange a coffee and chat to ensure we’re a good fit. 

More about me

Hello, I’m Sarah

As your postnatal doula my goal is for you to feel supported, nurtured and cared for. I don’t want to take over caring for your baby, I want you to feel you’re in a good place to do it yourself, ensuring you have sufficient rest after birth to recover, that you’re nourished with food, that you’re feeding and caring for your baby in the way you want to. I want you to have time to do things you enjoy and that make you feel good.  From practical baby care, shopping, running errands, nursery/school runs, listening to your worries and concerns, light housework, walking your dog to signposting you to support groups, resources and information.

I’ll listen and deliver the help you need. 

Our society and culture isn’t very conducive to bringing up children; everyone is busy, mothers aren’t as supported as they deserve to be, extended family aren’t always close by and the need for sleep is increasingly neglected. Parents are expected to have a baby and emerge shortly afterwards capable and smiling, which is rarely how they’re feeling. I’m passionate about protecting the fourth trimester, a time to rest, heal and recover, to take a break from the daily stresses life throws at you, as you process the experience of birth and learn to live with your new human and responsibilities. 

I want you to look forward to my visit, and feel comfortable opening the door to me in your pyjamas, telling me about the difficult night you might have had, and trust me to hold your baby whilst you sleep, shower, or go for a walk, whatever it takes for you to feel restored and prepared to look after your baby. I’ll prepare you a nutritious lunch or breakfast, freshen the vases of flowers, I’ll high-five your small wins and hear what you need to be done that day. Caring for a baby or babies, regardless of age, can be exhausting and overwhelming and feel relentless at times.  

Please explore my website to learn more and do drop me a message if you’d like to meet for a chat over a coffee. I love meeting new people and would be delighted to hear from you. 

I provide care for mums, not babies, the age of your baby is irrelevant, so if you’re feeling you need a little help, I’d love to assist. 

Stressful life events don’t disappear when you have a baby. Whether you’re moving house, grieving a loved one, are caring for someone with medical concerns or have a chronic illness, I’m here to give you a break, an opportunity to focus on those demands to help you feel better able to manage. 

I also like to offer my services as a wedding doula; consistent care and protection for your baby whilst you and your wedding party enjoy the day. Allowing you to feel calm, relaxed and maintain a successful feeding journey. 

A bit about me:

I moved to Reigate from Southampton in 2012. I live with my husband, daughter and son. I love music, biscuits, reading and spending time with friends. I try hard to be a conscious, gentle and fun mummy rather than the tired, frustrated, shouty mum that occasionally surfaces (usually when we’re running late or I haven’t had enough sleep). I love spending time near water; whether at the beach, a riverside walk or swimming in a pool. In, next to or under; water is my happy place. 

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