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I am passionate doula and mum of four including Identical twin girls originally from London. I am comfortable supporting all births in all situations. Your rights and choices are important to me.

The area I cover

Somerset, North Somerset, Bristol and Bath

Getting in touch

You can contact me in any way that feels easiest for you, text, call, DM whatsapp or email.



More about me

A little about me and why I am a Doula which I hope goes some way to give you some indication about what kind of person I am and whether you think you would like me to support you and your family through your pregnancy, birth and early pregnancy journey. 

I now live in deepest darkest Somerset, but was born and raised in south east London.

My love language is food and connection both of which feature a lot in all my relationships particularly in my role as a doula. I appreciate the work of Dr Gabor Mate and to quote one of my favorite sayings of his “Safety is not the absence of fear but the presence of connection.” I fully believe that Connection between humans is vital, especially in the worId as it is and while trying to navigate systems within it.

I have been an advocate for many years in many capacities and I am comfortable doing so even in complex and difficult situations.

I had my first child, my son, when I was 22 and this was my first experience with a Doula. I wish she had been at my birth because after I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I was so traumatised that I thought I’d never have more children even though being a mother is my favorite thing in the world. My Doula had however imparted true wisdom with me around breast feeding that I peacefully allowed my son to instinctively initiate our successful breastfeeding journey.

Thirteen years later I fell pregnant again and was blessed with identical twin girls. What a roller-coaster twin pregnancy is! With the support of a Doula and independent midwife we got through it in one piece. Albeit they were born at 32 weeks and with their first three weeks spent in NICU. 

My last born was another girl, at home with only my partner and a friend present.

These four births have been invaluable in understanding the very real risk and need for medical intervention against percieved risk or low risk with no real compelling evidence to support the need for medical intervention. I hope I can help you decide for yourself by providing information, finding resources and to help you to ask hard questions of medical professionals if need be that will help you make an informed decision.

I strongly support autonomy in pregnancy and informed choice.

Your pregnancy is your Journey and I am there to help you navigate it in a way that feels safe and right for you.

Book a call with me if you feel this sounds like the back-story of the Doula you feel is right for you.

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