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Doula, mentor and DD trainer. Extensive experience as a doula – HBAC, VBAC, twins, rewind technique, homeopathy, hypnobirthing, closing the bones, mother blessings. EMPOWERING OTHERS IS MY PASSION.

The area I cover

The areas where I doula are: North Cambridgeshire; Peterborough; East Northamptonshire; Rutland; South Leicestershire and South Linconshire.I am happy to facilitate your training or mentor you wherever you are in the country or the world! Zoom technology has enabled us to really connect – even if we are sitting in different locations!

Getting in touch

If you would like to have a chat with me to see if I am the right doula or the right mentor for you, please drop me a line at Verina Henchy and we can arrange a Zoom meeting to meet, connect, explore and discover.

More about me

A little bit more about me

Hello – my name is Verina.  I’m a birth and postnatal doula working primarily in the Peterborough, Stamford, East Northants and North Cambridge areas.  I have had a real passion and gift for working with parents and babies for as long as I can remember.  

My journey into the world of birth workers began in 2009 when I trained to be a birth doula with Nurturing Birth.  I soon became recognised by Doula UK, and have since become increasingly immersed within the wonderful world of birth keepers.  You will often find me hanging out in social media groups that have a focus on positive birthing, breast feeding groups and forums,  local home birth groups, the Peterborough Maternity Voices Partnership and the occasional podcast!  

I am an active member of the Developing Doula ‘family’ and have now joined the Developing Doula team as one of their course facilitators.

Over the years, I have worked with many families in all sorts of settings…supporting and empowering them to have a positive birth experience. I offer antenatal preparation and hypnobirthing courses, birth and postnatal support, birth debriefing and 3 step rewind technique, mother blessings, closing the bones and homeopathy for fertility, pregnancy and beyond. As well as being an experienced mentor, doula, Developing Doulas course facilitator and qualified homeopath, I am also a Trustee for Maddie’s Miracle.  

My passions and focus are:

  • Supporting individuals and families to safely journey through pregnancy and birth in their own way;
  • Campaigning for better births for all;
  • Protecting human rights in childbirth;
  • Providing independent information about pregnancy and birth and;
  • Raising awareness of research.

”We are so very grateful for all your suggestions and support.  Without YOU, I think that A’s birth would have taken a very different path.  You gave (my husband) the confidence to support me and you gave me the knowledge to make the best decisions for our family.  We really cannot thank you enough.  With Love, A, A & A.  XX “

You can read more about me and the services that I provide by visiting my website

Information for new and experienced DDs looking for Companionship sessions:

I am thrilled that you are looking at the Developing Doula website to explore our mentoring programme.  This tells me a lot about you already!  It tells me that you are drawn towards a community that has connectivity and collaboration at it’s heart – a community that recognises YOUR gifts and wisdom and wants to support YOU to develop the doula that you are and to become the doula that you want to be.  As an experienced mentor, I will offer you the time and space to explore your own journey with all the rich teachings that will present themselves along the way.  I will offer you a safe environment where you can reflect and develop in your own time and in your own way.  I will doula you in the way that you will doula others – encouraging you to find your own solutions wherever possible.  

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