Copy of Emergency Early Labour Doula Support

During this time of crisis we are offering a free (or pay what you can) phone/internet support service for early labour. Emotional support, tips and practical support for early labour at your finger tips, 24/7.

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Hello! When things look bleak the only way we can prevail is to all pull together.

This is early labour remote support from experienced doulas. If you have been told to stay at home for a little longer and feel lonely, scared, confused or just want some practical tips on how to stay comfortable and cope with contractions, call one of us, night or day.

In the big picture of maternity care, doulas have some unique talents when it comes to the latent phase of labour. We are experienced in being 'with woman' as her body warms up. We are used to supporting people to find their rhythm, to relax into the sensations and to find their coping strategies and comfort measures.

We are also well placed to be able to support the birth companion/partner so that they can stay calm and provide good practical and emotional support for the birthing person. We have experience of supporting couples as they decide whether to check in with a midwife and when to call for medical support or make the journey to hospital.

We have signposting skills and a large tool kit of suggestions. But most of all, we are not scared of birth. We have calm voices and big ears to listen and large open hearts. Perhaps in this crazy situation we can be a peaceful oasis for parents to talk to when the unknown waters of early labour feel choppy and difficult to navigate alone.

So let's do this thing! Below is a list of experienced doulas. Click on their name to be taken to their website or Doula UK profile where you will find their contact details. Pick up the phone or ping them a message.

Doulas, along with other birth workers and small self employed businesses and sole traders, have been hugely affected by this crisis. Although many are offering to provide this service for free or without giving a fixed price, if you are being paid and in a position to financially support your birth worker we would be hugely grateful.

If you would like to do this you can talk to the doula directly about a payment to them or another small business or charity of their choice. If you are currently pregnant or have already had your baby and would like other forms of doula support or antenatal/postnatal education, there are many of us offering online services currently. Check this list or visit

Doulas are not health professionals. We cannot give you medical advice.  We can give you emotional support and practical tips for labour. 

Doulas you can talk to

If you don't reach one doula, she may be talking to a client or be otherwise unavailable. Just try another til someone replies to your message or call.

Letty Jeffreys

I am offering phone, message or video call support for pay-what-you-can or for free if needed.

Caroline Zwierzchowska-Dod

I am offering phone, message or video support  on a free or pay-what-you-can basis

Visit my website

Katie Olliffe

I am offering phone or video call support during labour on a pay-what-you-can or voluntary basis.

Carly Lokrheim

I can offer you phone,  whatsapp or video call support during your labour, on a pay-what-you-can or voluntary basis
Tel: 07342380317

Jessical Slender

Free or pay what you can

Becky Talbot

Free or pay what you can

Hayley Dunn

Donations welcome.

Rebecca Lloyd

Free or pay what you can xxxx.

Julie Ann Crowley

I am happy to provide (telephone, messaging and FaceTime/Skype)  on a voluntary or pay-what-you-can basis. 07789636528) or email me –

Jacqueline Grimsley

I am offering phone or video call support during labour on a pay-what-you-can or voluntary basis.

Visit my website

Linda Quinn

Candice Lattimore

Free or pay what you can

Borie Polya

Voluntary/pay-what-you-can basis, all via video chat, in English and in Hungarian.

Casey Scott

I’m happy to offer support on a pay-what-you-can basis.


I can offer free or pay what you can labour support. I speak Spanish and English ..
Tel: 0034642602983.


I’m happy to be contacted for phone/virtual support on a voluntary or pay what you can basis. You are not alone 07824601414

Jenna Rutherford

Support on a pay what you can basis. Thank you.

Jane Wallington

Feel free to call, message, email or whatsapp me on a pay-what-you-can or voluntary basis.

Verina Henchy

I am offering email, telephone and live video support for labour and birth. This is a free or pay what you can service.

Visit my website

Mel English

Free or pay what you can

Carla Walsh

Free or pay what you can

Fiona Patterson

I can offer support for mums, for pay what you can afford.

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