How to apply for your doula training course with Developing Doulas

So you’ve had a good look around this site and decided you’d like to talk about it and maybe book a a place on a Developing Doulas Course. What should you do now?

Here’s how to apply.

Remember – make sure you have read all the necessary details about the doula courses. 

  1. Book a phone appointment to discuss things (button at bottom of this list)
    It’s important that you talk to Maddie – whichever course you want to do – because we need to know that you have the right motivations for becoming a doula and that you understand what it means to commit to supporting families a such a vulnerable time.
  2. After that conversation we’ll send you a link to a booking page where you can pay for your course – either as a deposit or in full.
  3. You will be able to download a pre-course task that you need to do. You can take all the time you need to complete it – as long as you send it before your course begins!
  4. We’ll send you updates, instructions and guidance by email as we get closer to the start date and introduce you to the other members of the group so you can connect by email or Facebook before the course starts.
  5. We are now ‘your doulas’, which means we are here to offer you support, a non-judgemental listening ear and unconditional care – so do know we are here for you along the journey!

Arrange a chat with Maddie

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Get in touch if you have any questions

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