Online Doula Support from Developing Doulas Graduates

developing doulas trainees

These are all Developing Doulas graduates - not all of them by a very long chalk and we adding names all the time - who are currently still offering doula support and all manner of birth and baby related services.

Whether you are looking for hypnobirthing classes, antenatal or postnatal doula support, breastfeeding support, pregnancy or postnatal yoga or 3 Step Rewind practitioners and birth debrief services, you can find it here.

We apologise for the simplicity of this page, but we are trying to respond to this crisis as quickly as possible, to make sure you feel supported and surrounded by love during this challenging time. If you are anxious, lonely, scared or in need of a helping hand, there may well be a doula here who can help you.

We'll be adding more doulas and more information on the services they are offering. In the meantime, if you can't find anyone here, please do look at Doula UK

Just scroll through and click on the names to go directly to their websites

Maddie McMahon 

Area covered: Cambridgeshire and beyond. Pregnancy support, antenatal education, Birth support, postnatal support, breastfeeding specialist, 3 Step Rewind for birth and breastfeeding trauma.

Katie Hickey

Area Covered: South London, Services covered - birth doula support with special interest in birth after trauma and VBAC.

Jane Wallington

Nikki Mather

Priscilla Ferreira

Ellie Cook

Ceci Goldaracena

Bryony Vickers

Are covered: Cambridge
One to one antenatal and postnatal online support. Pregnancy yoga, baby massage with postnatal yoga, mother and baby yoga. Live classes online with other local women.

Justine Fieth

Antenatal and postnatal online and video breastfeeding support: Cambridgeshire and wider. Thank you!

Candice Lattimore

Tamara Cianfini

Laura Stocks

Jemma Leighton

Angela Turner-Jones

Online pregnancy and postnatal relaxation classes, Hypnobirthing workshops and birth and postnatal Doula support across the Fylde Coast, Lancashire

Erin McGuigan

Verina Henchy

Melanie English

Caroline Zwierzchowska-Dod

Nationwide birth preparation, postnatal and breastfeeding support. Single birth partner support in person in Cambridgeshire and N/E London. Infant sleep specialist and Breastfeeding Counsellor.

Sam Bounds

Eva Kralova

Nationwide birth preparation and hypnobirthing programme (The Wise Hippo) postnatal and breastfeeding support. Single birth partner support in person in Essex.

Katie Olliffe

Birth and Postnatal Doula
Antenatal and Parenting Preparation
Infant Sleep Counsellor and Parenting Coach
Positive Birth Movement Facilitator and Breastfeeding peer Supporter
Cambridgeshire and Hunts
Online support options.

Jenna Rutherford

Zara de Candole

Birth/Postnatal doula and Breastfeeding Counsellor working across Surrey
Online support available

Letty Jeffreys

Rachel Elizabeth

Sarah Drawwater

Area: Peterborough area, Huntingdon area, Central/North Cambridge.
Services: Birth & Postnatal Doula. Virtual Doula Package also available.

Siobhan Ridley

I'm offering Doula in your pocket distance pregnancy and birth doulaing, hypnobirthing and trauma release. I'm in Norfolk but can support and love someone in any location.

Emma Fraser

Belfast Baby Company 
Area: Northern Ireland. Services: Online Antenatal Course, Online Hypnobirthing Course, Digital Doula support.

Laura Docherty

Full-spectrum Holistic Doula.
Antenatal, Birth & Postnatal preparation and support.
Coaching and Reiki Healing.
Area: Nationwide as all services currently only available online.

antenatal, birth and postnatal support covering Essex, London and surrounding areas. Also offering hypnobirthing and essential oil therapy.

Antenatal and Birth doula support in and around the Hertford, Hertfordshire, area. Other skills include pregnancy and postnatal massage, hypnobirthing and baby massage.

Ksenia Serebryanikova Doula.

Birth/Postnatal doula working across London and Greater London. Single birth partner support in person in London. Online support available for antenatal education, birth and postnatal.

Lucy Pedder

Antenatal education and preparation; Birth and postnatal doula support; Rebozo practitioner; Babywearing consultant; Birth trauma release practitioner; Mindfulness and relaxation coach.

Based in Derbyshire and providing services face to face where possible and online where necessary.

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