About the doula tags

We have categorised doulas by a set of tags. You can read more about what they all mean here. The list is in simple alphabetical order.


These doulas will have qualifications or skills and experience helping parents learn how to carry their baby in a sling or carrier. They may be a qualified Babywearing Consultant.


A birth doula can support you (and your partner) while you are pregnant, during your labour and birth and immediately after your baby is born. Birth doulas can help you plan your birth and prepare for labour and the immediate postpartum.

Birth after trauma

Some doulas have become skilled and experienced at supporting parents who have had a traumatic birth or who are having another baby after a traumatic birth. They may be able to offer a listening ear to your story, be able to signpost you to support and therapies or support you through your journey to understanding and unpicking your story. They should be able to support you to plan your next birth to ensure you feel safe and supported. They may, or may not, offer 3 step Rewind, so please search for that tag too if you’re looking for people who offer the Rewind.

Birth Loss

Some doulas will have worked with families whose babies have died. They may have personal experience themselves. Some doulas will be able to support you through a miscarriage or through the birth of a baby you know in advance will not survive. They will be able to support you through the pregnancy and birth of a rainbow baby. Postnatal doulas may be able to support you in the early days after a loss or through the babymoon period with a rainbow baby.


Some families would prefer to be supported by a doula who looks like them. If you are looking for a Black or Brown doula, please choose this tag


If you are a new doula looking for a Primary DD Companion or a more experienced doula wanting a debrief or a coaching session with a loving doula you trust, choose the Companions tag to see a list of all the DD Companions and Specialist Companions.

Complementary therapies

From aromatherapy to yoga, whatever complementary therapy you are looking for, there may be a doula who can provide it. Always ask your doula for their qualifications and experience.

Distance Doulaing

Many doulas have lots of experience supporting clients remotely via phone and internet. It means that geography doesn’t have to stop you having the emotional and informational support of a doula.

Infant feeding

All doulas should have basic knowledge and signposting skills to support you with your breast, bottle or mixed feeding goals, but some doulas are infant feeding specialists. They may have completed a number of different trainings, from peer support courses, counsellor or lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist qualifications.


If you would prefer to be supported by a doula who identifies as LGBT+ then choose this tag.


If you are having or already have twins or more, you may appreciate a doula who has experience supporting families with multiples or who has personal experience of parenting multiples.

Outside the UK

Doulas who live outside the UK. They will list the country they live and work in their description and may also offer distance doula support online.

Parenting support

You might just need a listening ear, or perhaps you want to talk about your baby’s sleep, weaning, sibling relationships or toddler tantrums. There are doulas who have particular learning in many of these areas and can signpost you to on-going support with your parenting.


Postnatal doulas can support you during the early days, weeks and months of your baby’s life. Their role is to support you so you can rest and grow in confidence as parents. Postnatal doulas offer practical and emotional support together with information that can help you navigate your parenting choices.


The 3 Step Rewind technique is a simple deep relaxation and guided visualization that can profoundly lessen the intense feelings that may have plagued you since a traumatic birth or breastfeeding experience. Many doulas are trained in this non-invasive, gentle technique.

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