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Preparing you for your doula training and growing a sustainable doula business

Why you’re here

This is your space to embark on your doula training journey. A place to explore, learn, share and focus on creating the doula business that suits you. Both the full initial Developing Doulas Preparation Course and our Doulavation advanced course is here. Sign up for both at the same time and save £200.

Our Mission

The DD Mission is to encourage doulas to develop a generosity of spirit that allows them to put their clients’ needs above their own and a willingness to empower others at the expense of their own egos. We aim to foster an attitude that encourages doulas to support each other just as they do their clients – unconditionally, without prejudice; working to create and foster safe and nurturing spaces for all.

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“Doulavation has been so helpful. I’ve only just started it and I have been given such a helpful guide and directions to run with already. Maddie is a lovely human. So humble and so knowledgeable, experienced, empowering and generous. Doulavation helps build the belief and trust that you can walk along your own self honouring doula journey with grace and honour. I highly recommend Doulvation not just to doulas but all birth workers. Thank you Maddie I feel so blessed our paths have crossed.”


How we help

Choosing Developing Doulas might not be the fastest, easiest or cheapest route to becoming a doula or widening your doula practise. But we can promise you an opportunity to journey deep into who you are and what kind of doula you want to be.

We promise to love and nurture you through the process, never judge and to always be honest. We commit to giving as much of ourselves as we can to the process of providing you with practical and emotional support. In other words, we are your doulas!

We offer DD preparation courses both online and in person.

Once you have completed your Developing Doulas Preparation course you are free to progress to Doulavation, our online Doula Development course.

Doulavation isn’t about making you a better doula, it isn’t even about making more money – although it can help you find ways to do just that. Most importantly, it’s about exploring ways of making your doulaing business sustainable.

Sustainability is about balance and about time – creating a lifestyle that you can continue for as long as you wish, avoiding burn out.

Doulavation is about elevating you to higher ground so you can survey your landscape and take stock of your life and business.

Sign up for both Developing Doulas and Doulavation simultaneously and you save a massive £200.

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