Doula Discounts for DDs

This page is a list of doula discounts and special offers available to members of the DD community. These collaborations and partnerships are arranged for your benefit – DD does not usually earn any commission but if there is an affiliate relationship, it will be clearly marked as such and will still have been vetted as high quality on going learning.


DDs get £100 off the Doulavation course . Just message Maddie and ask for the coupon code

PR|SM Placenta Remedies Training

Our friends over at PR|SM offer an exclusive discount to Developing Doulas Trainees and Graduates. So if you would like to add another string to your bow and expand your birth business into placenta remedies, contact PR|SM for your 10% discount.

Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

If you have done the DD course and would like to become a hypnobirthing teacher, Wise Hippo offer DDs a 15% discount. Just tell them you are a DD when applying for a course.

3 Step Rewind with Ellie Cook

If you would like to train to offer the Rewind technique to clients who have experienced trauma, Ellie Cook offers DDs a 10% discount. Just tell them you are a DD when you apply and she will give you a discount code.

Birth Prep In A Box Facilitator Training

Become a Facilitator with Birth Prep In A Box run by DD Sarah Drawwater – Full Birth Prep & Hypnobirthing Course.
15% discount to DD’s. Just use code DDDiscount when booking.

The Practising Midwife/

This amazing resource for birthworkers and parents comprises a website ( and a paper monthly magazine. They are offering all of the DD community a 20% discount on a subscription. Just message Maddie for the discount code

Milk Mentors Breastfeeding Peer Support Training

Doulas are in the best position to offer informed feeding support in those early days to ease parents into their feeding journey. Milk Mentors would like to extend a £20 discount to DDs for our 5 day (30 hour) peer support training course, so that they may have an opportunity to increase their knowledge and confidence around supporting parents with feeding.

Freebirth Course

£10 off membership of Samantha Gadsden’s Freebirth course. The course is in a facebook group. Just let Samantha know you are a Developing Doula when you answer the joining questions.

Homebirth Support Group

£5 off professional membership of Samantha Gadsden’s home birth support group UK. This is one of the best home birth resources on the internet. Just say you are a Developing Doula in the group questions.

Birth Prep In A Box – 30 Cards

These cards are full of information & prompts on planning for birth – They are a great tangible resource, they can be used as a tool for antenatal sessions with clients or could be given as a gift to clients to use at their own pace.

I’m very happy to give DD’s 20% off with this link and feel free to share with your clients too:

Confidence With Multiples Workshop with DD Michelle Weeks

DDs can have a whopping 50% off Confidence with Multiples online workshop with the code “DDLOVE”. 

Mia Scotland’s psychology video courses 

For birth professionals, including Postnatal Mental Health and Birth Debrief courses – 20% off . Use coupon code DD20 at the checkout. (Use this link please ).

This workshop will be held live via zoom, facilitated by Clare Cox, Founder of The Wild Mothering School . Clare is from a Romany Gypsy family and has experienced first hand the prejuduce her culture still openly faces today. 
In her work as a Doula she has become even more aware of the barriers facing Gypsy & Traveler Women within the current maternity system and is on a mission to authentically bridge the gap and provide Birth workers and those working with mothers an insight into this magical culture where motherhood is cherished. 

The workshop is based on both Clare's experience and the latest research (which is rarely conducted by the community themselves, so we also deep dive into academic bias!) The workshop will run over two sessions. Each session lasts 3 hours (via zoom) 

We will cover : My personal experience of growing up within this culture 
Who are the Gypsy & Traveler community- busting myths! 
A whistle stop Anthropology of Gypsy & Traveler Culture Statistics & Research overview 
Why is it still openly acceptable to show prejudice against this community & how can we stop this? 
Cultural Appropriation - using the term 'Gypsy' 
Why are this community so under represented in the Birth World? 
Barriers to accessing Birth support  Fear - how it's blocking everything! 
Open, honest, no BS question and answer session
How can Birthworkers make their services more accessible to the Gypsy and Traveller community? 

You will also have ongoing membership of a closed facebook community for continuation of support. 

Book here

Normal price £85. DDs can use the coupon code DOULA25 for a 25% discount

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