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Audio listens on the subject of birth, babies or doulas:

Maddie talks to Erin Fung on the Betterbirth podcast about doulas – our history and training

Maddie talks to Emma Pickett on her Makes Milk podcast about breastfeeding positioning and attachment – all the other episodes are super useful and interesting too!

Aimee speaks with Eva Greeslade on her Shamanic Birth podcast about the importance of connection.

Maddie talks about writing her book, Why Mothering Mothers on this edition of Sprogcast.

Maddie on the To Become a Mother podcast talking about the way society discriminates against mothers and birthing people.

The Doula UK podcast

Maddie is interviewed By Alison Barker, Nutritional Therapist, on this podcast.

The Doula Dispensary – weekly podcast about doulaing by our friends Kicki and Siobhan over at Birthbliss Academy

The Birth Activists podcast is created by DDs Becki Scott and Samantha Gadsden

The All4maternity podcast is hosted by DD patron, midwife Sheena Byrom

The Eve Event – Conversations with Disobedient Women is a podcast run by midwives, including our patron Kemi Johnson

Tipping the Balance, a podcast about finding balance in life by DD Katie Hickey

Birth Prep In A Box Podcast is the companion to the free Birth Preparation Course created by DD graduate Sarah Drawwater, The Nostalgic Doula

Interview on video with Maddie for the Birth Confidence Summit

The Midwives Cauldron podcast, with the wonderful midwife Rachel Reed

Articles in various publications by Maddie

Matexp (Maternity Experience campaign)

A rapid response in the British Medical Journal

Interviewed in the Irish Times

The Aims Journal – an article about obstetric violence

On the All4Maternity blog on coercive threats of referral to social care

On the All4birth site – Laid Back Feeding Postures, written for parents

Our personal doula sites

Maddie’s doula website

Katie’s doula website

Aimee’s doula website

Verina’s doula website

Laura’s doula website

Parents Talk About Having a Doula

Ruth Pay doula interviews some parents

In the Huff Post

In Parents magazine

Parkslope Parents

The Chutney Life

Films About Doulas

Doula! Film

Films about birth and breastfeeding

Books By DDs 

The Parent Prep Book by Lou Hirst. An easy to read handbook for all things baby related. From what to buy, to sleep, feeding, nappies, travel, introducing solids, twins and what to expect during the postnatal period. The book includes anecdotes from other professionals including Lactaction Consultants, Midwives, Cranial Osteopaths and Sling Consultants. 

Why Doulas Matter by Maddie McMahon
Why Mothering Matters by Maddie McMahon

Useful services created or run by Developing Doulas and our Patrons

They Said To Me – a place for families to report upsetting, untrue and coercive things said to them during their maternity journey

Let’s Talk About Physiological Birth on the Clubhouse App with our Patron, Kemi Johnson

All4birth Part of the All4maternity offerings, All4birth “provides information to optimise wellbeing throughout your maternity journey”. Our patron Sheena Byrom and DD Kay King are two of the minds behind this wonderful resource which will be so useful for doulas and their clients. 

Useful Websites and Organisations

Breastfeeding Support

Sources of good evidence-based information: (videos and articles)

How does milk production work?

Birth and breastfeeding

Good video clips of breastfeeding – latching and attaching!

The Golden Hour

(this is especially relevant if your baby under 2.5kg, c-section or separated from you).

Getting off to a good start

How do I position my baby to breastfeed?

Laid back breastfeeding

Hand expression (this is an excellent clear video on hand expression)



An overview – is it going well?

Doula Ongoing Learning

Doulavation – extension, deepening and widening of your doula knowledge, with a slant towards creating a sustainable birth business. It is an online course with no deadlines. Discounted rate for DDs.

Rebecca Schiller, doula, writer and founder of Birthrights provides writing courses for birthworkers 

Maddie doing the oil and water breastfeeding demo

Maddie using an old bottle top to show how a baby latches on

Placenta Encapsulation Training – discounts for DDs

Lotions and Potions

End Of Life Doula UK

Babywearing Consultant Training

Breastfeeding Counsellor Training

Gathering in the Knowledge – research and evidence around birth with Sara Wickham

Biomechanics for Birth with our Patron, midwife Molly O’Brien

3 Step Rewind for traumatic birth
 with Mia Scotland
with DD Ellie Cook – discounts for DDs

Simple recipes for postnatal doulas from Sandrine Olmi, Registered Nutritional Therapist

Other organisations we love!

Maddie’s Miracle mobile breastfeeding support bus!

Scottish Doula Network

Doula Blogs

Maddie’s Blog The Birth Hub where she blogs about birth and parenting topics

Evidence for Doulas

Doula Books

Why Doulas Matter

A Doula’s Journey, By Hazel Tree

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse, by Kicki Hansard

The Doula Book, by Klaus and Kennell

Nurturing the Family, by J Kelleher

Nurturing New Families, by Naomi Kemeny

Cultivating the Doula Heart, by F L Arnoldy

Doulas, The : Radical Care for Pregnant People, by Mary Mahoney

The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin

Birth, Breath, and Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula, by Amy Wright Glenn

Give Birth Like a Feminist, by Milli Hill

The Secrets of Birth, by Kicki Hansard

Why Homebirth Matters, by Natalie Meddings

The Fathers Homebirth Handbook, by Leah Hazard

Nurturing Beginnings: Guide to Postpartum Care for Doulas and Community Outreach Workers, by Debra Pascali Bonaro

The Doula, by Bridget Boland

Discounts for DDs (see the DD discounts page for details and more discounts)

DDs get significant discounts from:
Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing Teacher Training 15% discount
Prism Placenta Remedies Training 10% discount
Birthing Awareness 3 Step Rewind Training 10% discount
(Please contact the trainers for details)

Doula entertainment!

Kati Edwards, doula and spoken word poet

Hollie McNish spoken word poet who has written a lot about her motherhood journey.

DDs resources pages

Sarah Drawwater’s doula resources

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