The Developing Doulas course

The Developing Doulas Birth and Postnatal Doula Preparation Course takes 5 days in total and is approved by Doula UK.

During the 5 days we aim to…

  • Define the role of the doula
  • Explore your motivation for becoming a doula
  • Work through your own birthing experiences
  • Reflect on how to support women through counselling and listening skills
  • Explore why unconditional, non-judgemental support is so important
  • Understand how breastfeeding works and how to support mums in their feeding choices
  • Talk about women’s choices and how to help them make those choices truly informed
  • Talk about how to debrief after the birth – with clients and with each other
  • Understand the basic anatomy and physiology of birth
  • Explore how to help facilitate a normal birth
  • Discuss labour positions and comfort measures
  • Become aware of our own strengths and weaknesses
  • Commit to on-going learning and self-development
  • Put ourselves in our local context – networking and know-how
  • Find out about the realities of working as a doula – setting up and running your business
  • Understand what it means to be a mentored doula – the Recognition Process
  • Work on building positive and respectful relationships with clients, fellow doulas and healthcare professionals
  • Complete your post-course project to extend your reflection and learning

We are often asked to provide more information about the content of the course. This is difficult as we cover so much!  I aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills to begin your doula career – from supporting a woman in pregnancy, helping her plan her birth, supporting her and the father through labour and birth and beyond into the first weeks with the baby.

We’ll give you information to help set up your doula business, find your first clients and continue supporting you once you have left us and gone out into the big, wide doula world!

Most people say they learn just as much about themselves as they do about doulaing on the course and we feel this is right. Only by knowing and loving ourselves can we hope to pass this on to our clients.

Mainly, it’s all in the name – Developing Doulas. We hope to help create doulas who understand that we never stop learning and developing, doulas who are humble in the face of womens’ birthing and mothering power and who are passionate about empowering women to have the very best births and early mothering experiences they can have.

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