Making birthwork sustainable and fulfilling. Make your business serve you, rather than the other way round!

Are you feeling scared, overwhelmed or stuck in a rut with your birthworker business?

The Doulavation course isn’t about making you a better doula…

You already are a great birthworker and are constantly learning, growing and evolving.

This course isn’t necessarily even about making more money – although that might be necessary and desirable, and the tweaks you make to your marketing might well result in a better bottom line.

Doulavation is about exploring ways of making your doula business sustainable.

Sustainability means:
‘the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level’ and the ‘avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.’

Doulavation is about finding your level

Your level = the amount of energy you need coming into your life to fuel the energy going out. That energy may take the form of money or it may not – you are the only person who can define your personal energy needs. Only you know what you want and need from life.

Sustainability is about balance and about time – creating a lifestyle that you can continue for as long as you wish.

It also means recognising that you need to choose whether to be a finite resource to your community or work towards being able to replenish your energy so you don’t get ‘all used up’. Too many doulas burn out.

Doulavation prepares and supports you for the long haul.

Doulavation is about elevating you to higher ground so you can survey your landscape and take stock of your life and business.

Doulavation invites you to work out what you really want, and how you want to go about getting it.

Doulavation provides food for thought, practical exercises and tips, and sustaining and friendly community and a whole host of free extras to keep you and your business feeling fresh and exciting. With text to read, videos to watch and tasks to complete, you can work your way through the course completely at your own pace. There are also resources to download – our relaxation and hypnosis mp3s are designed and produced just for you.

So hop on board and let’s work together to doulavate your business!

If bought together with the Developing Doulas course, the package price is £850, saving you £200

Doulavation FAQ

How does Doulavation work?

Doulavation is an online course. Consisting of articles to read and videos to watch, the course is not time sensitive and there is no passing or failing. It’s not about you learning ‘stuff’ necessarily, but more about taking some time out to examine your doula business in some detail, work out where you are, where you want to go and figure out how to get there.
You can work through the Modules at your own pace and participate in the discussions in the Doulavation facebook group where we will be discussing the themes that come up in the course.

Who is Doulavation for?

Doulavation is for doulas and self-employed birthworkers. It will be useful if you are just starting out or if you are a year or two in and ready to accelerate things a bit. Or you may have been doulaing for a while and looking for something to help you change direction, recharge your batteries, find more clients or make your doula role more sustainable.
You may even be a very experienced doula who just wants to shake things up a bit and spend some time on considering the business you have built and your aspirations for the future.

How much does Doulavation cost?

Joining Doulavation is not only paying for a course, but joining a community that you can belong to for as long as you wish. It’s about investing in yourself and tapping into the hard-won learning of experienced doulas. It’s a resource-rich source of learning and support, that took a year to develop, offering you the chance to reflect on your doula journey so far. It’s a safe space to think about where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Doulavation costs £300 or £200 if you have done the Developing Doulas course. You can pay in two instalments if you wish. Please talk to us if you’d like to arrange a payment plan

What will I get out of Doulavation?

That is entirely up to you. The elements of the course have been designed so that you have a choice. You could passively work through each section just reading and watching the videos. Or you can choose to take up my challenges and do the tasks I suggest. The tasks may help you improve your business systems, fine tune your marketing or give you some personal insights. Like any doula, I leave those choices up to you!

What is the Doulavation Community?

The Doulavation community is a facebook group of doulas and birthworkers who are working through this course or who have completed it. As the community develops, I will be seeking peer-mentors to help provide support to the community. These roles will be paid, so there may well be the opportunity to earn back some of the costs of this course!

In the group we will be discussing the topics we cover in the course. Sharing opinions and questions allows you to squeeze even more learning and development out of the Doulavation course.

Will I get certificate?

Yes, once you have completed all the sections of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

What are the Doulavation MP3s?

The Doulavation relaxation and hypnosis tracks have been developed especially for you. You can download them in the resources section of this website. They are designed to give you a quick energy boost, to increase your sense of self-worth and help you work on believing you live in a world of abundance.

The scripts have been developed by Tracy Sealey of Birthsense

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