Written and recorded by hypnobirthing teacher and doula, Tracy Sealey, the Doulavation Downloads have been especially designed by doulas for doulas.

The tracks are designed to deeply relax, refresh and reinvigorate you at times when you really need a boost. Whether that is 20 minutes of downtime at a birth or before going into see a postnatal client, or 20 minutes to focus on what you need to make your doula work sustainable and abundant, plug in and drift off to a place of peace. Or, if you need to take some time out to heal from a difficult client experience, the last download is a trauma release devised just for you.

If you’d like to check out Tracy’s voice before you buy, download the FREE sample track. Ten minutes of bliss from us to you: you’re welcome!

There is quite literally nothing like these recordings available for doulas anywhere else, so relax, sit back and enjoy!

Here are the recordings we have available

(Buy 1 for £10, 2 for £15 or 3 for £18)

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