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This is a place to find local doulas to help you to prepare for the birth of your baby, support you through labour or to help out once your baby is born.

Please use the form and the tags below to find doulas near you or who provides online doula support. Don’t worry if you can’t find a doula who lives really nearby – most doulas will indicate how far they will travel to clients. If you would prefer a doula who is Black or Brown or who identifies as LGBTQ, please choose the relevant tag.

Some doulas may describe themselves as ‘mentored’ or ‘acknowledged’ or ‘recognised’. This means that they are either newer doulas going through a period of Mentoring/Companionship, or they have finished this process of learning and reflection.

If you are a Doula looking for mentoring with a DD Companion, please choose the ‘DD companionship’ tag to bring up the list of Companions.

Not all the doulas in this directory have done the Developing Doulas training. We are all independent and self-employed. If you are looking for a doula, we recommend talking to more than one and following your heart. Who you invite into your life during pregnancy, birth or new parenthood, is an important decision. Developing Doulas does not regulate doulas or run a conciliation service. We are, however, always happy to receive feedback about how you felt having a doula support you.

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However you choose to birth your baby, I have the experience and skills to support you whilst you navigate this exciting time. Birth doula, specialist mentor/companion.
Passionate birth and postnatal doula.
Hi and thanks for reading. I’m a birth doula in the County of Kent.. I trained under Maddie here at Developing Doulas in 2016 and I’m also an experienced breastfeeding peer supporter.
Hi, my name is Tara Luke and I am passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and babies. I really love supporting parents in pregnancy to know their choices to feel confident, relaxed and empowered.
I am passionate doula and mum of four including Identical twin girls originally from London. I am comfortable supporting all births in all situations. Your rights and choices are important to me.
Hi my name is Shabana. I am very passionate about supporting mums and family with the decisions they want to make in their pregnancy and birth. I have so much love to give.
I'm a Recognised Birth Doula supporting families across Essex, with a particular focus on supporting women with a 'high risk' pregnancy to unpick what it means for them, their choices and their birth.
Doula, mentor and DD trainer. Extensive experience as a doula – HBAC, VBAC, twins, rewind technique, homeopathy, hypnobirthing, closing the bones, mother blessings. EMPOWERING OTHERS IS MY PASSION.
Offering compassionate and practical mentored postnatal support in Cheshire West, Chester and Wirral. I am passionate about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, perinatal health and mental wellbeing.
I am fiercely protective over the families I support and do so with joy and love. I am passionate about teaching and supporting new doulas – helping to change the world one birth at a time.
Birth Doula, Postnatal Doula, and Mindful Birth Teacher, covering South London/North Surrey. Passionate about your experience of birth and parenthood, and lightening the load.
Hello, I’m Jo. 10 years into parenting, but fresh off the block as a doula! Supporting families to own their pregnancy, birth and post partum ride with confidence and love-fuelled vibes. South London.
I’m Zara, My experience as a birth and postnatal doula is deep and varied. I bring passion, knowledge and a sense of fun to all that I do, including training and guiding new doulas.
Hi! My name is Teresa (T to those who know me). I am a mentored doula, mother and proud surrogate. I am committed to making sure your care and wellbeing is at the heart of your pregnancy and birth.
I offer non judgmental, flexible support through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I can provide you with evidence based information, emotional and practical support to help you have a positive experience.

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