About Developing Doulas

The drive to teach and grow the Developing Doulas family comes from our passion to support new parents in a holistic, loving, non-judgemental manner. When people feel listened to and nurtured, when their choices are respected and babies are born and raised gently, by parents who feel strong and empowered, the world becomes a better place. Creating more doulas means more families supported on their amazing journey.

Choosing Developing Doulas might not be the fastest, easiest or cheapest route to becoming a doula. What we provide though, is a journey deep into who you are, a discovering of the doula that is already inside you and a safe environment in which to dump your baggage and blossom into your new role as a doula. We promise to love and nurture you through the process, never judge and to always be honest. We commit to giving as much of ourselves as we can to the process of providing you with practical and emotional support. In other words, we are your doulas!

Developing Doulas courses are run by me, Maddie McMahon. Zara de Candole also teaches the Developing Doulas course. In November 2017 were joined By Zoe Walsh. Zoe has now moved on to other things and we miss her! Katie joined us in 2019 and we hope to be joined by hugely experienced doulas Verina Henchy and Aimee Hamlyn soon. Between us we offer doula preparation courses in Surrey, Cambridge and hopefully in the near future London, Brighton, Peterborough and France! We sometimes travel to other areas of the country so please do ask us if you're interested in hosting a course.

Maddie McMahon Doula Trainer
Maddie set up Developing Doulas with Linda Quinn in 2007

Maddie came to doula work via Michel Odent and has sat at the feet of many inspiring wise-ones over the years, including Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin, Sheila Kitzinger and Jack Newman to name but a few. But the best teachers are the families she supports as a doula and the amazing women who attend the Developing Doulas courses.

Zara and Katie started their doula journeys as a Developing Doulas trainees in Cambridge, so they completely understand the steps you are taking now to become a doula.

The DD Mission

To encourage doulas to develop a generosity of spirit that allows them to put their clients’ needs above their own and a willingness to empower others at the expense of their own egos. To develop counselling and listening skills and set off on a journey of discovery, and personal growth. To foster an attitude that encourages doulas to support each other just as they do their clients - unconditionally, without prejudice; working to create and foster save and nurturing spaces for all. 

Dreaming of Being a Doula? 

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