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Birth and Postnatal Doula • Maternal Journal • DD Companionship and Specialist • Lover of kitchen dancing, tea and cake, sunshine • The Calm in the Room

The area I cover

A 40 minute drive from Bath city centre.

Getting in touch

Drop me an email and we can have a chat about how I can support you and your family.

More about me

Hello, My name is Michelle and I live in Bath, with my husband and twelve year old twins.

My doula philosophy is to be the calm in the room and to hold an open and supported space for people, so they can explore the intricacies of their parenting journey, along with their families.

Birth Doula

Antenatally, we will have the opportunity to talk over your fears and hopes, think through your birth preferences/plan by exploring the birth process, as well as getting to know and understand each other, as people and birth are all unique.  I will provide evidence based information and ensure you know and understand the choices available to you. We can explore the tools of hypnobirthing, birth art and affirmations too if you are interested. My most important role during birth is to provide nurturing, continuous support and reassurance. If you would like to continue with postnatal support it would be my pleasure to support you as you settle into parenthood.

My support covers the RUH, GWH, Chippenham and Frome Birthing Centres, as well as Home Births in the surrounding areas.

Postnatal Doula

Postnatally you will have the opportunity to talk through your concerns, feelings and thoughts about feeding, older siblings, going back to work, sleep. Whilst I ensure you are well nourished and assist with light housework. Whatever your needs may be, all can be supported and it would be my privilege.

Maternal Journal

I host Maternal Journal locally in Bath.

It is a time to gather with other people on their parenting journeys, whether in pregnancy, first few weeks, months or years. It is an open and supportive space to reflect and explore through creativity, a way to record the mundane or the magic. Journaling can really make a positive difference to mental health and well-being. We share experiences, make friendships, have valuable ‘me time’ and take time to actually explore how you are really feeling through creativity.

You can read more about me and the services I offer on my website, www.doulashell.co.uk

Developing Doula Companions 

Happy to support new Developing Doula Companions through the overwhelm, joy, challenges and development of being a Birth and Postnatal Doula. 

Always here with a steady flow of tea and cake.

I want to ensure you know you have a place in our community, a place you can learn from, contribute to, feel valued, and grow to be the Doula you have within you. 

I am happy to take on a small number of DDs as Primary Companions and will be available for one off sessions for DDs who would like specialist support.

My specialist interest and experience are in:

•Supporting families expecting multiples.

•Supporting families through NICU.

•Using birth art and creative journaling as a form of exploring and supporting mental wellbeing through pregnancy and parenthood.

I am also a Doula UK Birth and Postnatal Mentor so your mentorship with me will stand with Doula UK as well as Developing Doulas if that is part of your journey.

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