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I feel very passionate and honoured to besupporting and empowering mothers, fathers and families during pregnancy, and into the 4th Trimester

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SW11, SW12, SW17, SW18, SW19, SE5, SE15, W11, W2, SW15, SW16, W6,SW4, SW2, SE11,SE1, WI,N16,E1, WC1,E1. N17, GU1,GU33,

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I am a married mother of 5 children I  am also a god-mother to 10. I feel very passionate and honoured about supporting and empowering mothers, fathers and families during pregnancy, labour, and beyond. My journey began with my own  birth experiences and also being invited as a birth partner to several woman over the years, in London, LA and Bali that sparked my passion for birth and working closely with mothers and babies, that changed the course of my life.

I trained as a Doula in 2016, and am now as passionate as ever enjoying my calling as a Birth and Postnatal Doula. I have supported so many  families during pregnancy and labour and worked as a postnatal doula providing support and care for both mother and baby in their first few months. I have also worked with a same sex couple who were expecting their first child through surrogacy , this was a whole new experience and I still continue to work with them when they require the support with this new chapter in their life.

As a doula, I believe that every woman deserves a positive, protected and smooth journey into motherhood. The precious continuity of care of a doula to help you birth with confidence and empowerment, can make the whole difference. Through the nurturing doula relationship, I am here to help you recognise your choices, I do not tell you what to do only support, nurture and empower you. I do help you discover your own inner strength to increase your confidence in your ability to birth your baby the way you want. By mothering the mum and supporting the dad in his crucial role, I offer practical and emotional support measured to the specific needs and wishes for each family.


My postnatal doula role I provide support for both mother and baby including breast feeding support, baby care and I love to cook so am always happy to prepare meals for the family allowing mother more precious time with her baby. As a mother adjusts to the new role of being a mother I am there for emotional and practical support. Having had my own birth traumas and postnatal depression, I am acutely aware of the vital and  necessary assistance and encouragement women need as they transition into motherhood

I will support you and help give you the confidence in the early days as your transition into the next phase as a new a family. I believe the love care and attention of well supported new parents is key to the recovery after a birth both physically and emotionally

I will be there to nourish restore and allow you both that time to rest putting into practice the 40 day postnatal time frame, a time of recovery and recuperation period which is still practiced in many cultures and so vital in the healing of a new mum.

I believe my desire to nurture and help and my ability to protect and care for others, as well as my knowledge and experience of pregnancy, labour and life with a newborn, both professionally and personally, are a solid attribute and define my nature

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