Gajender Purba

Gajender Purba The Doula

Antenatal & postnatal doula, I am a feeding and breastfeeding counsellor offering support with feeding & parenting to ensure the best start on your journey of parenthood.

The area I cover

I can travel up to 60 minutes from central Luton, to support clients in the areas of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Watford etc.

Getting in touch

For antenatal or postnatal support you can contact me by email or alternatively you can call me on my mobile and we can talk about your needs and how I can support you. I can accommodate you with phone support, home visits, and or video calls.  

More about me

Hi my name is Gajender and I am married to a wonderful & supportive man. I have 3 great children and I live in Bedfordshire.

Unknowingly I have lived most of my life in the way of a doula supporting family and friends physically, emotionally through traumatic and challenging times during pregnancy and postpartum. My first 2 births were emergency Caesareans and very traumatic because my voice was dismissed. Although it was about me, I had no say in the process. My 3rd was an elective caesarean which I asked for, it was after all my birth experiences that I realized that I wanted to work with women so they could be heard. They should be empowered to make informed choices that they want and not be forced into accepting what the professionals want.

I have worked with the NHS for 23 years serving my community and 14 of those years have been with the Health Visiting Service. My role is supporting pregnant women through ante-natal education and imparting information to help them make informed choices. Postpartum I offer feeding support so women can make the right choices for them and their baby whether it is breastfeeding or bottle feeding. As a Feeding Support Worker I have been very lucky to have supported over a thousand women from so many cultures and ethnic backgrounds to reach their goals. It has been a very enriching experience. Through compassion, empathy and listening I help new mothers to tap into their maternal instincts and gain confidence in their ability to feed and look after their baby.

Working with the NHS during the pandemic has brought to light the poor care women are getting. I feel so strongly and passionately about woman receiving the care that they deserves at a time that they are most vulnerable. This was a turning point for me when I realised that I wanted to offer more than I was able to under the NHS. I want to be part of that beautiful journey that empowers a woman to have that magical experience that its her right! This is when I decided that I wanted to be a doula so I trained with Developing Doulas and on completing my training I will be working as a birth doula. I will be at your side through pregnancy to parenthood supporting you with compassion, understanding, encouragement and information to offer you guidance in your choices. In the interim I am offering postpartum feeding support. I am very passionate about breastfeeding and I have 14 years of experience and knowledge supporting with breastfeeding mothers to ensure it gets off to a great start. However I work with the mothers regardless of how they chose to feed their baby, I do this without any judgement on my part because I am there to support the mother.

I am a doula and not a trained midwife or medically trained professional so I won’t interfere with the midwife or doctor. I am there to support you and your birth partner to ensure the professionals listen to your wishes. I am there to compliment and enhance the care so you can has a positive experience. You can email me, text or send me a WhatsApp and  I am happy to have an informal chat without any obligation to book.  

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