Justine Fieth


Justine Fieth Postnatal Support

Postnatal doula, breastfeeding counsellor, doula companion – supporting you emotionally and practically in the early days.

The area I cover

Cambridgeshire – 30 minutes drive from Cambridge city centre. Or anywhere online via video calls.

Getting in touch

For postnatal doula or infant feeding support, please email me and we can arrange to chat on the phone about how I can best support you. I can do one off phone calls, video call or visits, or you can book me for longer periods of support in your home. 

For companionship sessions, please email and we can arrange a time to chat and arrange video calls if that works best for you.

More about me

Thank you for wanting to find out more about me and how I can support you in the postnatal period, or while you are pregnant and want to prepare for life with your new baby. It’s an exciting time.

I have been supporting mothers and babies since 2011 when I was accredited as a breastfeeding counsellor with one of the national breastfeeding organisations. I also co-lead the local group of a national breastfeeding organisation, and I am one of the breastfeeding counsellors working at Trumpington Breastfeeding Drop-in in Cambridge. I am a co-founder and trustee of Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance.

As a postnatal doula, my aim is to ‘mother the mother’ in those precious, intense early days after your baby, or babies, are born. My aim is to help you and your baby to get off to the best start, by supporting you emotionally and practically in the early days. How that shapes up, is what we work out together so that you are supported in the best way for you.

I can be there to be on ‘your side’, encouraging you and providing you with the support and information you need to make the choices that work for you and your baby or babies. I can support you as you and your baby learn to breastfeed and be there to listen and talk through your concerns, questions, challenges and excitements. I will share your joy in talking about your baby’s poo!

One of the changes that has come out of the pandemic, has been expanding the value of online, video support. So if you just want to have a one hour online session where we talk about something about life with a new baby – feeding, sleeping and how it is all going – we can do that. So I can offer you videos calls or in person support in your home. And if I’m supporting you in your home, I can also help you with the practical side of adjusting to life with a baby – so can help you do the jobs that are important to you around the house or getting out of the house. Or I can simply hold your baby or your babies while you have a long bath or a sleep.

Sometimes this type of support is all that you and your family, need to grow comfortably, naturally and enjoyably into parenthood. Becoming a mother or parent for the first, or second or more time, is an intense time – and I am passionate that you deserve to feel supported and valued and empowered as you get to know and enjoy your baby. I work on an hourly rate basis.


Information for new and experienced DDs looking for Companionship sessions: I am available as a Specialist Companion for one-off sessions. I can support you as you work postnatally with families, or can do one-off session if you want to explore something specific around infant feeding, or to debrief an experience with a family you are working with. Or if you want to debrief your own infant feeding journey, we can do that too.

Companionship sessions will carry my standard hourly rate but I’m always happy to chat to work out a plan. We can work out what you feel is the best way for you to feel supported.

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