Kay King



My birth work is informed by circumstances of loss. I provide Doula services for people who have experienced previous loss or to those who are currently experiencing loss in their pregnancy.

The area I cover

North Devon and North Cornwall and Bristol and Exeter and Somerset 3 Hour drive from Barnstaple in North Devon

Getting in touch

Please feel free to email or text me to make initial contact.I have two different websites, one for my doula services as listed and one for my Grief Recovery Work. You can follow the links from my website to my Grief Recovery site or from Instagram

More about me

If you have experienced loss in your pregnancy, birth, conception or parenting journey -I see you and I am so very sorry.

Baby Loss is heart-breaking and the grief that you experience after your loss, be that recent or a long time ago, will be unique to you and your circumstance. 

My name is Kay King and my birth work is informed by circumstances of loss. I provide doula services for birthing people and their families. I am also an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and can work to support you with the Grief Recovery Method in one-to-one and group settings. 

Sometimes it can feel that there is nobody that can help you, that you have to learn to live with your loss and be isolated in your grief. I would so love to meet you and to see if we can work together to ensure that you have a future that eventually leads you to a path of peace.

If you are currently experiencing pregnancy after previous loss, are facing a miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, neonatal loss, ectopic or molar loss I am here to support you as a Doula throughout your birth and postnatally. I also work with people through live births, when previous loss has been part of your journey, however recent or long ago that was. 
As a Developing Doula companion I also provide mentoring for DD doulas who require support with their work. Sometimes this might involve working with you and your client to provide shared care if an emergency loss situation occurs and you require that support or you might just want to work with me as a mentor as you increase your understanding of and work within loss informed circumstances.

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