Melanie English


Melanie English Doula

Consistent, flexible and reliable doula support for your pregnancy and post-natal journey in Cheshire and the surrounding areas

The area I cover

Cheshire, North Shropshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Wrexham

Getting in touch

Please call for an initial chat or text or email me to book that chat. Please leave a message if I'm unable to answer when you call and I will call you back.

More about me

It’s 2021 the world has changed. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how doula support is delivered and you may well find yourself navigating birth choices you weren’t expecting to make when you first thought about having a baby. The good news is that whatever Tier or lockdown scenario we find ourselves in, I am still here, able and willing to support you. In most cases face to face support is still possible but there is an increasing body of anecdotal evidence that digital or distance doula support is as effective and transformative as face to face. I am flexible, adaptable and responsive to your needs in any circumstance, whilst maintaining good Covid-19 protection protocols.   My own parenting experience has taught me many things, not least to bend, adapt, respond and take responsibility for the events that challenge you. I was not fortunate enough to know about doulas when I birthed my own children, but if I could turn back time and talk to the pre-parent woman I was in my early twenties, I would give myself three pieces of advice; Hire a doula, learn how to baby wear and find/get to know your nearest breastfeeding support group before your baby is born.

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