Melinda Balint

Born Not Delivered

I’m Melinda Balint, I offer birth and postnatal support, in person or online. I consider myself as an advocate for positive birth experiences, helping families in making informed decisions.

The area I cover

I can cover most of Thanet, Kent living in Broadstairs, connections are quite good to get to most places, even parts of London.

Getting in touch

I’m more than happy to have an initial chat online in a time that suits us both to get to know each other a bit. For this you can send me an email, get in touch on my website or give me an old fashioned call!

More about me

I was born in Transylvania, lived there until 2019 when I decided to move to the UK. I recently moved to Broadstairs, Kent, I’ve been living and working mostly in East London for the past 3 years, I studied special education at uni, then I started working in childcare and I haven’t stopped being around children and babies ever since. I first wore my doula hat way before I even knew what a doula is, when my dear sister asked me to assist at the birth of her first and a few years later second baby and it was one of the strongest, most empowering experiences  I had to this day! These experiences led me to last years’ autumn when I decided to enroll myself in a doula course. I finished my doula course with Developing Doulas with the guidance of Katie Olliffe. At the moment I am a mentored doula, which means that I have the guidance and knowledge of an experienced doula supporting me. I consider myself as an advocate for positive birth experiences, helping families in making informed decisions, tailoring my services to their needs. Coming from a culture that is still nurturing the knowledge of old generations of women giving birth, I believe that we, women should reclaim our stories. I strongly believe that women should own their births and make the decisions that are best for them with the help of evidence based information and a caring, supportive environment. I am happy to offer support and guidance to birth partners, whoever that may be, to help them understand the process and the best ways that they can be supportive during the perinatal period. I am a yoga enthusiast and an essential oil nerd. I consider myself a gentle, caring person who would be your advocate when you are the most vulnerable.

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