Sarah Kidson

(She/ Her)

Kidson Infant Support Services (KISS)

Hello, I am a postnatal doula, experienced breastfeeding counsellor and an IBCLC lactation consultant. I’m passionate about providing bespoke postnatal support for new – and growing – families.

The area I cover

I live in South Cambridgeshire and will usually be prepared to travel within an hour of my home. Am also happy to chat about virtual support offerings, if this might be of interest to you.

Getting in touch

Thanks for reading. If this sounds like it could be a good fit for you and your family, please get in touch via email in the first instance, then we can arrange a time to chat on the phone.

More about me

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a recognised/ acknowledged postnatal doula based in South Cambridgeshire, covering Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas. Every family’s journey is unique and I’m passionate about giving parents tailored support, designed for their informed choices and needs. My love of helping parents, babies and children started back as a child, when my mum brought my baby brother home – I would fold piles of terry cloth nappies or entertain him, so she could do something else. I have a BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath, and a lifelong keen interest in health and well-being. I spent two decades of my career in global clinical research, developing new medicines – working within academia, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. My real passion to support parents as they had new or growing families ignited when I didn’t get the support and experiences that I would have hoped for, with my own two little ones (Big J born in 2010 and Little J in 2016). Since then, I’ve supported ~3000 families with their feeding journeys (across breast, bottle and combi feeding, tandem and twin feeds, starting solids, weaning and so much more!) I am an experienced Breastfeeding Counsellor and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and support several local groups across the Cambridgeshire area with face-to-face sessions, as well as volunteering multiple times a week on the National Breastfeeding Helpline. I’m also a member of the Peterborough & Hinchingbrooke Maternity Voices Partnership. The more I’ve learned and supported families, the more I’ve wanted to learn, and this led to me training with Developing Doulas to further enhance the ways I can help. I am nearly always studying, be it reading the latest scientific papers and books, refreshing my paediatric first aid, or a new formal qualification, I love finding more ways to help! Support and services offered Every family is different and therefore how we would work together won’t be a one size fits all approach. What doesn’t change is that this is your journey, so your goals and needs will be at the heart of it. The below are some suggestions of things that could form part of the support I could give, but is – by no means – an exhaustive list: – Antenatal support; preparing for the new arrival(s), preparing for feeding them etc. – Support as you adjust to life as parents, helping you navigate the fourth trimester, sleep and broader development for the infant (and impact on the parents), crying, ways to calm babies, and what is (or isn’t) ‘normal’ – Perhaps you would like support in my capacity as an infant feeding specialist doula – Practical support – whether it be getting the weekly shop, a prescription collected, meal preparation or cooking, playing with an older sibling, or just looking after your baby so you can have a relaxing bath or a nap! – Emotional support and guidance, someone who can listen to your thoughts, feelings and experiences – As your family grows; maybe you’d like support on when and how to introduce solid foods, or perhaps it’s managing a return to work and all that entails I am a member of Doula UK, Developing Doulas and Cambridgeshire Doulas. I am DBS checked and insured, Emergency Paediatric Child/ Infant first aid trained and have Food Safety Level 2 certification.

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