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Hi my name is Shabana. I am very passionate about supporting mums and family with the decisions they want to make in their pregnancy and birth. I have so much love to give.

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Hi my name is Shabana and I live in Peterborough with my husband and 3 children.

I have always had a passion of helping others, it would make me feel good being their for others to support them on their journeys in life. I did some voluntary work with Sue Ryder and other places.  In April I did some training  to become an NCT Breastfeeding  Peer Support. I then came across Developing Doulas and did my training in May.

Having an awful first birth myself made me realise this was something I did not want for others, hence decided to train with Developing Doulas. I want mothers and families to have the correct information so they can decide what is best for their body and baby. I want to support those choices and be a voice and backbone for you ladies. I want mothers to feel like goddesses when they are in birth and have the best support around them. I just want to give you so much love and kindness, if that means me just holding your hand or breathing with you through your contractions. I offer postnatal support so you can bond with your baby and get the rest you deserve as you are all that matters! I can help with breastfeeding/bottle support, hold the baby while you sleep or bath and get on with some light housework while you rest. I also offer cooking you some meals so you can get the rest you need and recover and not have to think  about cooking. I am there for you as a listening ear, if you need to talk or take things of your chest I am here to listen.

I am a new Doula but I do have a wonderful companion who will support me whilst I support you. 

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