On-Going Learning for Doulas and Birthworkers

Aswell as our initial doula preparation course we run a range of workshops and study days for doulas, breastfeeding supporters and other birth workers.

Breastfeeding case studies

Join us for a day (10am to 4pm) of breastfeeding education. Doulas, breastfeeding peer supporters, breastfeeding enthusiasts all welcome. If you’re interested in learning to support breastfeeding mums this workshop is for you.
Explore how the stories that women tell about their breastfeeding relationships teach us so much about how best to support them. Unpick the narratives, share and learn breastfeeding knowledge, find solutions to challenges and foster your empathy with the mothers you support. Oh and if you haven’t seen the famous oil and water demo, here’s your chance!

Workshop fee is £75. Doulas on call can pay a down payment of £25 to reserve a spot. Spaces are limited.

"Amazing to spend time unpicking and reflecting on women's stories without needing to fix."

"Absolutely loved it and all the storytelling"

"A lovely day full of learning. I only wish there was a day 2!"

"I feel more confident in how to talk to mothers and know the boundaries of a Peer Supporter."

"Brilliant. Really thought-provoking and inspiring."

Next Dates:
6th November, Alderley Edge

Please get in touch if you’d like to do this workshop and we can talk about dates and venues

breastfeeding role play
breastfeeding study day

Tongue Tie Workshop: The Politics and the Passion

Let’s explore the what, why, how and who of tongue tie. How can we best support families through the tongue tie maze?

“…The largest part of a doula’s work is listening. We listen to the stories of mothers and fathers; the narratives of the birth, the emotions of new parenthood, the highs and the lows of life with a baby…[One] day I realised I’d listened to one too many tongue tie stories. It was time to give all these women a voice. I came home and announced on facebook that I wanted stories from parents about their tongue-tied babies. Not even I could have predicted the pain and suffering that appeared in my inbox over the next few weeks…”

There started my obsession with tongue tie; talking to mothers, breastfeeding supporters and Lactation Consultants about tongue tie, working with families with tongue tie babies, learning from the mothers and babies who came my way. All the time, the stories flooded in, teaching me more and deepening my passion to learn more, dispel myths and spread the word.

“Beautiful workshop, really enjoyed it…had many questions answered”
“Very informative and provided me with so much useful and productive information.”
“…now feel so much more confident in signposting women”
“absolutely fascinating day. Can’t believe how quickly the time went.”
“would recommend other breastfeeding helpers do this course”
“wonderful, informative, practical and fun!”
“Awesome! V informative and well-structured”
“Maddie, you have great teaching skills – very lucky to have been able to attend”
“…you have helped me understand my own TT story better”
“Fabulous workshop!”

Workshop fee is £75. Doulas on call can pay a down payment of £25 to reserve a spot.
Next Dates:
8th February 2019, Five Ashes, Sussex

Spaces are limited. Please get in touch if you’d like to do this workshop and we can talk about dates and venues

Closing the Bones Workshops

This day is for you if you want to learn this postnatal massage, or you want a chance to practice this skill again. Discuss the emotional and spiritual elements to this healing ritual as well as learn the elements to the massage. Here’s your chance to experience the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of this ceremony, learning to love your pelvis and how to honour the childbearing hips of the women in your community.

If you’d like to enquire about attending the day, please contact me or visit the our website

“Amazing, emotional and cleansing. I feel very supported as a new mum and feel hugged by the love this ceremony brings. Thank you for sharing this lovely technique.”

 “Powerful, nurturing, supportive. Wonderful to be with such wise women.”

“Fantastic day. Thanks so much for sharing the knowledge. Such a blessing and joy.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it even more useful that I had expected.”

Price £120 (includes one year's membership of closingthebonesmassage.com). The day runs from 10-4pm. A £35 deposit secures your place. If you are a doula who does Access Fund work, or are in hardship yourself, contact me to discuss a discount.

Upcoming Closing the Bones Workshops:

24th January, Glastonbury


Other Workshops

Solids: What Weaning Means
Listening Helpfully
Breastfeeding 101
Doulavation, an online course for doulas to extend, elevate and aspire. 

PR|SM Placenta Remedies Training

Our friends over at PR|SM offer an exclusive discount to Developing Doulas Trainees and Graduates. So if you would like to add another string to your bow and expand your birth business into placenta remedies, contact PR|SM for your 10% discount.

Contact us for details

breastfeeding study day