Developing Doulas Online Doula Training

See the Course Dates and Locations page for dates and available spaces 

The online doula training is hosted right here on the DD website and consists of modules, containing written and video content, with some tasks for you to complete. The content does not have a rigid start date or a time-frame in which you will need to complete the course, but we do have 8 zoom classes over a period of 8 weeks so that you can work together with a group and develop relationships with the other course participants.

“Being a part of the Developing Doulas course was a huge highlight of my year. I can’t speak highly enough of how Maddie and her team have done a great job. I had been thinking for a long time that I wanted to train as a Doula and i finally bit the bullet and trained last year and my goodness what a wonderful course. Zara our course leader was amazing and possibly one of the funniest ladies I’ve ever met. I looked forward to our evenings every week, and i still miss them to this day.”

You will have free access to the course content forever, so you will be able to log in and refresh or catch up with new content whenever it is added in the future.

The courses are accompanied by exclusive facebook groups where we can meet, get to know each other, discuss topics covered in the course, share our own stories, thoughts and feelings and support each other as we develop into doulas. Along the way we also gather together for scheduled Zoom calls so that we can discuss and share our knowledge and thoughts on some of the topics covered in the courses.

Everyone who completes the online course will also be invited to a Connection and Consolidation day once restrictions on gatherings is lifted. The day will help us truly come together as doula-sisters, to bind our threads of social connection and consolidate and expand on the learning you have completed online.

If you prefer to wait for a traditional, face to face doula course you will also get a free log in to the online course as soon as you book. This means that you can get going as soon as you like, reading and watching in your own time, at your own pace.

If you are considering embarking on a course, whether that is online or face to face, the first step is to talk to Maddie. You can book a time to chat on our booking system here.

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