Amy Hedges

Birth to Earth

I am Amy, a Recognised Birth and Postnatal doula here to walk alongside you on this special journey. My promise is for you to feel heard, cared for and empowered!

The area I cover

I am happy to travel up to an hour from Redhill in Surrey.

Getting in touch

Please feel free to contact me via text, phone or Whatsapp. I look forward to hearing from you!

More about me

Hello I’m Amy, I live in Surrey with my husband and our two little boys. Becoming a family for the first, second or subsequent time is a life changing moment and one to be treasured and celebrated. My role as your doula is to be a companion and a friend whenever you need me. To support the decisions you make, provide you with information and to nurture you during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Before becoming a doula, I worked as cabin crew for British Airways, this career gave me so many  life skills and the great pleasure of looking after people from all walks of life.

The births of my two children were life-changing moments for me, but both very different. My first birth with Teddy came with a lot of intervention, my voice not always being heard and decisions being on my behalf. Our youngest son, George was born at the start of the pandemic. It was a time of uncertainty, families having little or no support and the new mothers having no one to sit and share a cup of something hot with. It was following the birth of George and the experiences our little family went through that made me realise I had to become a doula. It showed me the importance of continuity of care, to have someone who knows you, cares for you and wants to uphold and support your parenting wishes. This is what I would want to give to you. I am truly passionate about postpartum care, honouring and celebrating the new mother through nourishment, care and a hot cup of tea. I am a keen baker in my spare time & get great joy in baking for others! I would love to hear from you, thank you for visiting my page.

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