Rosie Gard-Storry

Passionate birth and a postnatal doula in Cumbria. I am dedicated in supporting family’s though informed, evidence based choices in birth and supporting in postpartum, breastfeeding and babywearing.

Aurelia Moreaux

Salut! I am a mentored birth & postnatal doula on the Essex/Suffolk border, supporting parents and their families to feel confident, comfortable and in control of their birth & postpartum journey.

Reign Lawrence

Hiya! I am a passionate birth activist committed to supporting women who want to birth in sovereignty

Bonnie Stack

I have a passion for empowering parents to trust their intuition and equip themselves with all they need for an ecstatic, beautiful birth experience. I’ll walk alongside you every step of the way.

Ariadna Nazaret

I’m a doula because I care about motherhood, mental health care, and human rights. I believe strongly in your right to make your own informed choices. I offer care and support free of judgment.

Kristin Maresca

I am an experienced, holistic birthkeeper and traditional postpartum doula, pregnancy and childbirth mentor, transformational life coach, yoga teacher, and Reiki Master based in Yorkshire, UK.

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