Becki Scott

(She/ Her)

I am an holistic, pro-choice birth & postnatal doula and a birth activist – I am passionate about supporting your rights and choices with how you choose to birth and parent.

The area I cover

I can provide virtual doula support nationally and in-person support throughout Northamptonshire, Peterborough and parts of Leicestershire, Rutland and Bedfordshire.

Getting in touch

In the first instance, please book a FREE 30 minute ‘First Contact’ phone or video call via my booking app HERE

More about me

Hi! I’m Becki and I’m a Doula, Holistic Therapist and Birth Activist based in Northamptonshire.

I live in a village near Kettering, in the north of the county with my husband, 3 children and 2 barmy cocker spaniels, Cooper & Otis.

I became interested in birth following a negative experience with my first baby. I decided that I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I experienced, and so I began to educate myself. I knew nothing about Doulas at that time and so set my heart on training as a Midwife. I discovered Doulas later on, after I had two more babies and began to look seriously at my options. I spent a few years working within the NHS as a Maternity Support Worker, working alongside midwives and Healthcare Professionals on my local labour ward. Although I was able to help many people in this role, it did not fill my heart. This, and an unusual turn of events, led to me leaving my job in the NHS and my attention turned back to my calling of being a Doula.

I am an holistic, pro-choice doula: What do I mean by that? 

When I refer to holistic care, I am talking about providing support from a whole person-led approach. I do not offer one size fits all support. We are all individuals with unique needs, both physical and emotional, and my care will reflect this – my support is tailormade and unique to you and your circumstances. It matters to me that you may have other family members to consider, that you may have a career you love or that there may be other factors prominent in your life that are important to you and that will come into consideration when you are considering birth and parenting choices. I am a pro-choice doula which means that I respect your right to personal choice, regardless of my own thoughts or opinions. I consider my role to be one of providing you with evidence based research and anecdotal information which you can use, alongside any medical advice you are given, to make informed decisions with regard to your care. I will not advise you and I definitely will not coerce you – your decisions are yours to make and own.

I’m a little bit of a hippy at heart but don’t let that fool you into thinking I’m all light and fluffy! When it comes to supporting individuals and families I am fiercely passionate about birth rights and choice and I will do my utmost to ensure you have all the information you need to be able to feel confident in your choices and decisions, whatever they may be.

Doula Services

As a Doula I can offer birth preparation, hypnobirthing and pregnancy & birth support. I can also support you in the postnatal period, including help with your infant feeding choices and postpartum healing.  I am a Placenta Remedies Specialist, collecting within an hours drive of my home. I am also a volunteer for Ardo and have a hospital grade breastpump available for hire. I am trained in 3 step rewind and am able to help you heal from a traumatic perinatal or feeding experience.

​Birthworker Support

I am a Developing Doulas Companion, supporting both Birth and Postnatal Doulas. I am able to offer my services as a Primary Companion for any new Doula requiring support in the first years of practicing, as well as offering my support to existing Doulas. My strengths lie in birth rights and Social Media & Marketing and I have a personal interest in supporting birthworkers that have had difficult breastfeeding journeys.

Work with me!

I would like you to feel completely comfortable and confident when you decide to work with me, in whatever capacity that is. I work ethically and honestly. Life does not always come with guarantees but what I can promise you is that I will be upfront and honest with you and that I will always be working with your best interests at heart. 

In the first instance, please book a FREE 30 minute ‘First Contact’ phone or video call via my booking app HERE

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