Elli Bradshaw

Supporting women, birthing people and their partners during the postnatal whirlwind, to create space & deliver empowered support to make this time, the very best it can be. Bringing the village back.

Becky James

I trained with Developing Doulas in 2017 and am a Doula UK recognised Birth and Postnatal Doula. I’m a DD Companion and single mama of 4 who loves travel, live music and binge watching the ocean

Tamara Cianfini

Doula, Hypnobirthing teacher, teacher/midwife trainer. Founder of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. My relaxing hypnobirthing workshops are just a few mins walk from Hertford Nth Station – Breeeathe!

Tracy Sealey

Experienced birth & postnatal doula, antenatal/hypnobirthing teacher, DD Companion, DUK Mentor & Legal Trainer for Birthrights. Based in St Neots Cambridgeshire covering anywhere within 50 miles.

Erin McGuigan

As a Birth and Postnatal Doula I help families to thrive, guiding them to recoginse their strengths so they can grow in courage and confidence in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Lori Parker

Hey I’m Lori, a birth keeper, postnatal doula and menstruality mentor, providing holistic support to women as they journey through the rites of passage of womanhood.

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