Bonnie Stack

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Bonnie Norfolk Doula

I have a passion for empowering parents to trust their intuition and equip themselves with all they need for an ecstatic, beautiful birth experience. I’ll walk alongside you every step of the way.

The area I cover

Norfolk and parts of Suffolk

Getting in touch

Please contact via email or Whatsapp message. We can then book in an informal call or meeting to chat through your needs and what I can offer. 

More about me

Congratulations on your pregnancy or new baby! I’m glad you’ve found your way to reaching out to a doula, there are so many wonderful benefits that we offer.

I am here to support you through every step of your journey from pregnancy, to birth and early parenthood. This can be a wonderful, empowering journey, and having someone on your team to offer emotional and practical support and share information with you can make such a difference. As a Doula, I will help you advocate for yourself, and believe in your innate ability and power as a parent.

I am a full-time Doula, having left my 12 year NHS career as a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist in 2023. I carry many transferable skills, and a wealth of knowledge about the healthcare system with me.

Services offered:

  • Group and individual birth preparation and Hypnobirthing courses with a pack of cards to keep, birth plan downloads, online resources and hypnobirthing MP3s (£350/ £250 as part of a group)
  • ‘Remote Doula in your pocket’ for those who want ongoing support via phone after my birth preparation course (£200) If you decide at the last minute that you want me to attend your birth and I am available on the day (i.e if i am not already attending a birth or on holiday, note I am not on call in the run up to your birth) this is an additional £400.
  • Standard birth Doula Package (£1200) including antenatal appointments, with birth preparation as above, phone support and on call from 38 weeks pregnant to attend your birth, plus a postnatal visit.
  • Complete Birth Doula Package recommended for first time parents (£1500) above plus an extra bespoke antenatal session to include any aspect of caring for the newborn e.g. breastfeeding workshop, safe sleep, baby wearing. I am also available to accompany you to midwife or hospital appointments to help you process information, ask questions and advocate for yourself.
  • Preparing to breastfeed workshop (£60)
  • Postnatal Doula support £25/ hour (see website for evenings, overnight and weekend prices)

I am passionate about physiological (natural) birth and breastfeeding. I have experienced the beauty and intensity of both myself, as well as supporting many others through these journeys. I am experienced with home birth, hospital birth and support through Caesarian sections, and would love to discuss your options, plans and how you can achieve an empowering experience along any pathway you choose.

I  live with my husband, two young children, cats and chickens, and often a trio of visiting horses! We live a busy outdoorsy muddy lifestyle. I spend as much time as I can pretending to be a mermaid, whether it is in the sea or river, or at my local pool.

“I had the most beautiful home birth with Bonnie’s support. I felt confident that she would be my strongest advocate during labour. She held my birthing space beautifully, quietly reassuring and encouraging me from the sidelines. I gave birth feeling like an absolute goddess and the whole experience is one I look back on with such joy.” Alice.

“With all the support and planning we did together we were able to have the most perfect labour and birth experience. I felt empowered and strong enough to birth my child without any intervention or pain relief. In all honesty it is hard to put into words how much we appreciated the support we had from Bonnie and how different our experience would have been without her involvement. Best decision ever reaching out to her.” Megan

“I knew Bonnie was there for me at every step along the way. She has the most gentle calming voice, which you need when things really heat up! When we came home, Bonnie was there to help me with breastfeeding, and hold my baby while I rested.” Nadia. 

“Bonnie has been an invaluable support to me in our postpartum journey. She listened, showing such empathy to the breastfeeding struggles we were having. Bonnie had a wealth of suggestions and shared useful resources. Her encouragement kept me going and I am so grateful to her.” Katie

“Working with Bonnie was wonderful. She made us feel completely at ease and was brilliant with our baby. I would 100% recommend her for anyone looking for support postpartum” Evie

Please head to my website for more information about me and my services. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing whether I am the right Doula for you!

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