Jessica Slender

(She / Her)

I am a birth keeper and mentor. I trust birth. I am an experienced birth keeper. I walk with people on their journeys to pregnancy and birth, through motherhood and other life transitions.

The area I cover

Bedfordshire, North Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire (west and central), Milton Keynes.

Getting in touch

You can contact me by email at ku.oc1623952968.redn1623952968elsac1623952968issej1623952968@ssej1623952968 or call /message / WhatsApp / Telegram etc on 07702160914. I am more than happy to have an initial chat to see if what you need is something I can offer and if working with me feels right for you. 

More about me

I was called to birth work in 2013,  I first trained to teach hypnobirthing which led me to then train with Developing Doulas after people started to ask if I would attend to them during birth. It was then I realised I have always been a doula, this is my life’s work and calling, along with my own motherhood journey.

Since then I have undertaken professional development in Rewind, Birth debriefing, active birth, hypnobirthing (three different modes!), advanced biomechanics for birth.  I use different parts of the training with different people depending on their need. It is not led by me, it is led by your need. 

I am on this path to support mothers, women and birthing people to reclaim their power in the birth room. This has a profound affect on their onward journey to motherhood and beyond. To reclaim their bodies as their own. To walk in to the transition to motherhood informed, confident, with love in their hearts and fire in their bellies.  I work with people preconception to prepare for their conception journey. I support people to heal from trauma through previous births.  I work with couples, IVF, single parents, same sex couples, heterosexual couples.

As string to my bow is to coach and mentor doulas. I love to support new doulas as they also emerge in to their new skins.  With each of these ripples we create huge change. Birth work is an ancient sisterhood and contributing to the future of that is important to me. I’d love to hear from you if you are looking for a mentor or companion. 

I teach birth education, hypnobirthing, physiology, maternity services, active birth, biomechanics. I am part of Doula UK.

I support through loss, grief, change, transition in life, womb loss. My love is to hold space for people to unravel and claim back power for themselves, gently unpicking the stitching of a lifetime of thoughts and ideas about themselves, their bodies, birth and systems we birth and live in. I love to hold and sit as that unravels.  Seeing the beauty of you as you move through that journey and appear the other side.  There are many lessons in life, many transitions and we can learn and grow from them all.  We take our births, any kind of birth, through to our next phase.  I want you own yourself, own your birth and come out the othersidc a person full, whole and with lots to offer yourself and your baby.  I nuture and create space for your journey. 

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