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I am fiercely protective over the families I support and do so with joy and love. I am passionate about teaching and supporting new doulas – helping to change the world one birth at a time.

The area I cover

I happily travel up to 1 hour from Headley Down, GU35 8ET.

Getting in touch

Please feel free to message me however fits in best for you. I am busy working and mum-ing, but will get back to you as soon as I can!

More about me

Hey, thanks for clicking on me! I’m Laura and I support families in Hampshire, Surrey and South West London in the lead up to, during and after the birth of their baby. I live in Headley Down with my husband and 3 children, one who was born on the labour ward, one in the birth centre and one at home!

I’m a firm believer that in anything you do in life, preparation is the key and I can help you to prepare for your birth in a way that only aims to empower you, having your desires and wishes at the epicentre of it all. I’m an incredibly positive person, which really does help me see the glimmer of light in even the trickiest of situations and it’s this optimism that I’d bring to your birth experience. I am more than aware that sometimes sh*t hits the fan and it’s my promise to you that I would prepare you to the best of my ability to have evidence based learning to know your options if that happens.

I’ll be by your side for it all… massaging, relaxing, supporting and physically helping you, whilst offering practical assistance and emotional support for your birth partner if you have one. I have a wealth of experience on the labour ward, on the birth centre, abdominal births in the theatre, pre-term, water birth, homebirth, induction and VBAC – I bring to you unwavering support for your birth, helping you wade through the flood of information and offering you a constant companion that you have chosen in me.

To be a supportive part of your journey would be an utter privilege. I believe every woman should feel loved, empowered, in control and cherished during her journey to birth and that’s my promise to you. I believe in your power. I believe in your ability to give birth. I believe in YOU.


I wish it was possible for every family to have a Doula guiding them through the birth space and I am truly passionate about supporting Doulas to achieve their full potential in the role – the world needs more Doulas! Whilst riding the oxytocin highs that the role brings, I am also really driven to help people build a sustainable business with clear boundaries. Each mentee requires something different from me and I try to be as flexible as I can be to support you on your journey.

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