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It’s your birth, your way and I will be the person to support you through your choices and be your advocate.

The area I cover

I cover the whole of KENT and south east London.I've lived throughout Kent so I know most areas in Kent and South East London.Message me if you are just outside of these and we can chat;

Getting in touch

Best way to contact me is by phone 07794564820.

If I do not answer I could be at a birth or with a client so please drop me a what's app and I will reply as soon as I am able too.

If what's app is not your thing email me at [email protected]

More about me



Who am i?

This is the most important question on this page because you’re welcoming me into your lives and it’s important we click.

I’m Marnie, 34 years old, mum to Freddie and we live in a little village between Maidstone & Ashford. I cover all of Kent (some of East Sussex and Surrey), I am a total birth geek and a colourful person, in personality and hair. I am currently studying a degree in Birth & Beyond with the University of Worcester. I am currently a mentored doula, this means you get me and my mentor for the price of one. I am a fully trained hypnobirthing coach and baby massage instructor. I love to make a connection with the people I work for and the connection between mum to be and I is really important as you’re inviting me into the most inner sanctum of your life. I can be your hand holder, your listening ear, your doorwoman to uninvited guests, I can turn my hand to most things asked of me but most of all I want to be your biggest supporter. I will support you with your birth choices, your baby care choices and will help you find out what support you need from me in the coming months. My brightly coloured hair, my brightly coloured language at times will be a constant calming companion through your birth and the 4th trimester.

When you say to a woman who is a mother when did your life change its not their first job, its not their first house. It’s the moment they realised they were a mum. Whether that be the blue line on a stick, the first kick or the birth of their baby. The birth of their baby is also their birth into motherhood and that’s what I am here for to help your family transition  from a couple into a family. I love building a bond with everyone in the household so I can learn to support you all in the different ways that you need.

I am a strong believer that everyone deserves a strong foundation into parenthood.

I myself suffer from chronic illnesses and I hope to support families with additional needs, disabilities and chronic illness. I have learnt how to support my own family whilst taking my illnesses into account and I hope to help you do the same. Now some people cant help but think well if shes disabled how can she support me fully and I tell you what I can support you full and whole heartedly with the strength and power of many dealings with hospital staff in my life I feel a great advocate for the mums to be I work for in getting their needs met. This is why I love to support mums to are having elective caesareans, emergency caesareans and disabilities which can add some additional issues to the start of motherhood.

Marnie as a birth doula, What exactly is that? 

Your birth, your way. My biggest belief is every woman deserves the birth she chooses and I support women in any situation. Of course a calm, comfortable environment will bring on natural vaginal birth but that doesn’t mean I wont support you in a hospital environment or caesarean situation. If anything it means I will do my utmost to turn those environments into calm, comfortable place for you to birth your baby. My role in the birth environment includes offering comfort measures, being an advocate for your birth, a mediator between you and the medical team (if one is present), helping you understand interventions if any are needed and helping you make informed decisions surrounding your birth. If you are having a home birth I am happy to do all of the above plus feed and walk pets and older children. I love taking photos and as a keen amateur photographer,  for an additional fee I can incorporate photographs into your package.

As your estimated due date approaches I will be on call for you from 38 weeks so that means I am ready at the drop of a hat if you need me. Once labour has started I will be your continued 1-2-1 support. I can be an additional birth partner on top of the second parent or if you are a single parent I can work with you as your only birth partner. Not only will I support you but I will support your birth partner, it can be a tough time watching someone you love in an unknown experience. At the birth  I hope to bring my calm yet confident manner to support you every step of the way.

Postnatal support in your 4th Trimester

I deal with Pee, Poop, Sick no matter who its coming from Mum or baby. (Supporting the new parents with mother and baby needs)

Building a protective bubble for your new family – If required I’m a great doorwoman keeping away unwanted guests 

Baby Care 101 – I am happy to care for baby soley whilst you rest or support you with baby care just being an extra pair of hands

Being a listening ear. Whether that’s having a cuppa and a chat, or your sobbing on my shoulder nothing phases me.

Debriefing your birth. Talking you through your experience is really important if it wasn’t what you wanted. We need to heal you and move forward.

My main duty as a doula is to support you in your new role and let your own confidence grow in your abilities as a parent.

Basic Infant feeding support. If you need further help I have reliable contacts to put you in contact with.

Signposting to useful resources, information and support groups

Supporting other family members not only the new mother

Shopping bags at the ready and dealing with the house errands.

Cooking delicious meals, snacks and treats

Light housework and a crisp clean bed to retire to whenever you feel the need

School/nursery runs

Playing games and having fun with smaller members of the family

Caring for pets – I have 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and a rabbit at my house so nothing is out of my remit

I work with you and for you so I offer a tailored postnatal doula service if there are things on your mind that aren’t on the list above drop me a message and I’m sure we can discuss the ways I can tailor my time to help you and your household.

Each and every job is different and requires a renewed approach and often a different set of skills so please feel comfortable in asking for additional duties.

As a Postnatal Doula I’m simply a friend who is there to listen and help.

Twilight Night Doula

The nights that follow a babies arrival can be tough and that’s where I come in.

I can attend and care for your baby in the night so that you are rested and have had a good nights sleep ready for the next day.

Normally I attend from around 9pm until 7.30am this can obviously be adjusted to suit your household.

A full nights sleep is sometimes the best cure for many things so if it’s a one off or you would like me to attend a few nights a week please get in touch.


I hold a current DBS Certificate.

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