Matilda Brown


Matilda the doula

I am a Birth, Postnatal & night doula! I am passionate about ensuring families feel supports, empowered and in control through every aspect of their pregnancy and birth journey.

The area I cover

I am a doula based in Surrey, I cover most areas of Surrey, South West London, West London & Berkshire. As I live 2 mins from the M25 I am also able to cover any areas that are within 1 hour of KT15 - please get in touch if you are not sure.

Getting in touch

If you would like to chat about how a doula could support your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period please do contact me by email or phone. You are welcome to leave a message or drop a text! I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours (unless I am at a birth).I will book you in for a 30 min free call so please do let me know your availability.

More about me

Hello! I’m Matilda and first things first *Congratulations*

I am a Mentored Birth and Postnatal doula based in right between Chertsey and Addlestone in Surrey.

Whether this is your first baby or perhaps your last baby – I am so glad you have considered having a doula on your birth journey.

As a Mother of 2, I understand just what a wild ride, pregnancy, birth and motherhood can be. I myself experienced two very different births. My first birth was a consultant led, medicalised, induction on a labour ward which led to complications. Whilst the second was a natural onset of labour, peaceful, water birth. The biggest difference for me? Knowledge, empowerment and trust in my body. As a passionate advocate of choice, I want every woman, to feel in control and empowered through every step of their journey.

Antenatal Support

You’ve probably heard lots about the famous post birth Tea and Toast? But I believe in many more tea opportunities before then! At every step of working together you can expect lots of tea (other drinks available!)

At the very beginning I always suggest a first meeting (usually with your birth partners if applicable) to discuss how your pregnancy is going and what you’re looking for in a doula. If you feel we are a good match, I will then be on hand to guide and support you as you navigate pregnancy and prepare for your birth. With your wishes at the centre of our discussions we will cover topics such as; birth preparation, exploring birth preferences, BRAIN, making informed choices, the stages of labour, breathing techniques, pain relief, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, new born care, sleep (how to get some!) and navigating the 4th Trimester. If this is not your first birth, we can also spend time reflecting on  your previous birth experiences, feelings around preparing for a sibling or perhaps you are navigating thoughts around parenting after loss.

Birth Support

If you choose to have support for your birth.  I will be solely on call for you from 38 weeks, keeping in touch to give you lots of motivation and encouragement! Those final weeks can sometimes feel like the longest days as you prepare to meet your baby.

Once I get ‘the call’ I will be on my way! There is no ‘set time’ to call your doula. I come when the time feels right to you.  During your birth I will stay by your side to ensure you all feel safe, supported and empowered as you powerfully move through the stages of labour. I will assist you both emotionally and physically through the process, drawing upon techniques we would have explored in your antenatal sessions. Guiding you through breath work, movement, massages,  affirmations and natural pain management techniques. I will ensure you feel advocated for whether that be home, at a birth centre, on a labour ward or in theatre.   When you give me the nod, I will leave your new family as you soak in the newborn bubble and take time a moment to reflect- you did it!  This is usually after ‘Golden Hour’ with your new baby and you feel comfortable with your first feeds.

Postnatal Support

If you choose to have some postnatal support, as you doula I will be on hand to ensure you feel held through this next stage of your journey. I can support and guide you through breastfeeding and/ or bottle feeding, settling the baby, baby wearing, light housework, meal preparation, and watching the baby whilst you rest.  Parents can use the support hours as they wish and often it changes from session to session.

I support families from a few days to a few months after birth – it all depends on what you would like!

I am extremely lucky to be mentored by the incredible Zara De Candole…So not only do you get my Doula support she is continually nurturing and strengthening my doula skills and knowledge. In the event I can’t answer a rather tricky, complex or unusual question – She is always a call away!

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