Rosie Gard-Storry


Doula Rosie

Passionate birth and a postnatal doula in Cumbria. I am dedicated in supporting family’s though informed, evidence based choices in birth and supporting in postpartum, breastfeeding and babywearing.

The area I cover

I live in Shap, North Cumbria and I am happy to travel up to an hour. Look forward to hearing from you.

Getting in touch

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, give me a ring or send an e-mail so that we can connect and get to know one another, 

More about me

My name is Rosie, I live in North Cumbria with my two children, partner and crazy dog. 

I love all adventurous activities and the outdoors, having been an outdoor instructor before children and I am passionate about supporting mums, family’s and babies to have positive, informed experiences of birth and those early postpartum days and beyond.

 I feel I have been on a journey to become a Doula, for a very long time. Having observed my Mum as a doula, been supported by her in both my pregnancy and birth, and understand the true value of unconditional support when my first birth did not go to plan. This spurred me to learn more and I have gone onto support my friends over many years.

In the last 5 years while raising my children and helping my partner with his business, I have been volunteering at my local group as a breastfeeding peer supporter. This has been extremely rewarding and has led me to train with a Carrying Matters and Together We as a Babywering/ Sling peer supporter too. I love to help others discover the benefits of using slings safely and effectively, this has culminated in me running a sling library and support group in my local town of Penrith.

With my children now growing older, I have more flexibility and time to start my own vocation, and I feel honoured to be able to share my experience with women and families around Cumbria.I completed my training as a Doula in May 2023 and I have a lovely mentor supporting me though the first few years. As a doula I feels it’s my job to listen, support and be there though your entire journey, I am passionate about continuity of care and being available for any questions, however small.

I offer birth and postnatal support, without any bias and without my own agenda as I believe a family’s choices should be based on their own beliefs, informed and evidence based research that you can use alongside any medical advice that you are given.

I want every family I work with to feel in control of their own birth and postnatal period, to feel confident to follow their own intuition and to understand their rights and feel really listened too. I hope that in any situation a family face, they feel their choices have been respected and heard.

Postnatally I’m able to support you with your infant feeding choices, breastfeeding support, baby-wearing and postpartum healing. I’m here to hold the mother, not the baby, (although that is also a benefit) and bespoke this support to suit each client. 

If at any point I am unable to provide you with support in the areas you need I will signpost you to local practitioners who can help. However I am on hand at every stage to discuss all the options available to you.


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