Sarah Bishop

Sarah B Doula

Birth and Post-Natal Doula, DD Companion. I walk alongside you before, during and after you welcome your baby to the world. I believe amazing things happen when you feel safe, loved and in your power.

The area I cover

Brighton and Hove; East and West Sussex; Surrey; East Kent; South and South East London.I mostly support clients in London who are planning a homebirth or are repeat clients but if you are drawn to my profile, do reach out to me of course!My radius is about up to 2 hours from Brighton & Hove so get in touch if you aren’t sure.

Getting in touch

Give me a call, send a text or email me – whichever is easiest for you.

More about me

Hello, I am Sarah, also known as ‘Sarah B Doula’!

I love what I do and I hope you will too! Finding a doula is about finding what feels good. I will walk alongside you as you prepare to have your baby and as you find your feet afterwards. I provide physical, emotional and informational support – in a way that suits you.

I believe amazing things happen when you feel safe, loved and in your power. By working together (from as early as pre-conception but also in pregnancy of course) we can prepare for the arrival of your baby. I promise integrity, continuity, honesty, loving care and compassion. I also promise delicious and nutritious food, cooked with love! Read more about me, including testimonials and details about my birth support and post-natal services on my website.

Ante-natally, while we build our relationship and trust together, we can cover various topics including:

  • Birth physiology and preferences
  • Advocacy, birth rights, informed consent and decision-making
  • Hopes and fears (energy and birth, birth as a rite of passage)
  • Active birth (biomechanics, movement, breathwork)
  • Supported birth (cultivating safety, communication, birth partners)
  • Infant feeding (basics, troubleshooting, baby sleep)
  • Post-natal planning (the 4th trimester, food, healing, well-being)

I will work closely with your birth partner (if you have one), to make sure they feel empowered, safe and connected too! I believe that if your partner feels this way they will be great support for you – this sense of safety and loyalty can be fundamental to your birth experience.

I also work with solo parents, where I may be the sole birth partner. I have been alongside people who have had fertility support to conceive and with families who have experienced baby loss.

I enjoy and have experience supporting a very wide range of clients. I have supported many clients who identify as black or brown-skinned and mixed ethnicity (I identify as ‘Mixed White Asian’). I also regularly support women who may not have family support nearby, families who are seeking culturally and spiriturally-sensitive support and those who speak limited English (and may require translation support).

I am very proud to support Happy Baby Community – I became a doula as I believe everyone is worthy of support at this special and powerful time. If your financial circumstances are a barrier, please let me know – there are a few things we can explore together to make support a reality for you.

Feel free to get in touch for a chat or to discuss my availability.

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