Tamara Cianfini

Hypnobirth Ltd

Doula, Hypnobirthing teacher, teacher/midwife trainer. Founder of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. My relaxing hypnobirthing workshops are just a few mins walk from Hertford Nth Station – Breeeathe!

The area I cover

I live in Hertford. I am only a few minutes walk from Hertford North station.

Getting in touch

Feel free to email me and we can schedule a chat.

More about me

Prepare for your birth with Tamara Cianfini, a visionary Hypnobirthing expert, Doula, Teacher/Midwife Trainer, Nurse, Hypnotherapist, Author, Founder of The Wise Hippo and World Hypnobirthing Day ( 21st March). After experiencing a traumatic birth and then a life changing hypnobirth, Tamara has passionately advocated for improving birth education and support.

Tamara’s exclusive hypnobirth resources are designed to build confidence and help you feel more prepared to welcome your baby. Delve into her educational videos and learn how to relax with her soothing pregnancy relaxation sessions – a truly invaluable investment for both you and your baby.

With Tamara’s support and wisdom, you and your partner can prepare for your unique birth experience in the best possible way, no matter where or how you wish to birth your baby.

“I warmly invite you to my hypnobirth workshop in Hertford, conveniently located just minutes from Hertford North station. It’s an opportunity for focused, quality time with your partner, preparing together for a birth that’s as empowering as it is unforgettable. Join me, and let’s make your birth experience one that reflects your values, aspirations, and the depth of your love for your growing family. You and your baby deserve a birth story to cherish forever!’ Tamara x

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