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Experienced birth doula, antenatal educator and hypnobirthing teacher in St Neots covering Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and parts of Essex, Hertfordshire & Northamptonshire too.

The area I cover

Anywhere within an hour’s drive from St Neots

Getting in touch

Get in touch however you would like, I’m very friendly!
Give me a call or send me a whatsapp or a text message on: 07957838261.
Drop me an email: [email protected]
You can also contact me through my website:

More about me

Hi and thanks for checking out my profile! I’m Tracy, I’ve been supporting expectant families as an antenatal teacher since 2015 and as a doula since 2016. I’ve helped over 300 families in that time and attended more than 50 births in person, so there isn’t much I haven’t seen. I also work as a legal trainer for Birthrights, teaching workshops to medical professionals on human rights in maternity care and the importance of informed consent.

The day that you meet your baby is a big day and you deserve for it to be a positive experience filled with happy memories. This will look different to different people. For you this could be an elective caesarean or a hospital birth with an epidural. Or you may prefer an undisturbed water birth at home. My job, as your doula, is to help you explore all of your options, empower you to make the choices that feel right for you and be your advocate should you need it. No judgement, no pressure, just emotional, educational and practical support. I will help you communicate with health care professionals effectively, so that you get the care you deserve. If you need or want to change the plan at any point in your pregnancy or during your birth experience, I will help to make this process as calm and as stress free as possible. The most important thing to me, is that you feel safe, supported, comfortable and fully in control.

My Approach
My clients describe me as pro-active and thorough. My preference would be to meet with you several times antenatally to build a really good relationship and to explore a number of different birth scenarios. I know from experience that the better prepared you are and the more time I have spent getting to know you, the smoother things are likely to go on the day, so I generally like to do a lot more than the standard two antenatal sessions. I’m very down-to-earth and evidence based in my thinking. If you are looking for someone who can realign your chakras or teach you how to channel the Goddess through your vagina then I’m probably not your doula. Having said that, if you are looking for any birth-related information or service that I can’t provide myself, I’ve probably got a contact I can put you in touch with. I have some training in counselling skills and in clinical hypnosis. I often work with women who have experienced previous trauma or have high anxiety levels. I also have a special interest and training in optimal fetal positioning (or biomechanics of birth). This means I can help you to understand what you can do to prepare physically as well as mentally. As a keen yogi and gym bunny myself, I love working with others who are interested in approaching birth from a holistic perspective. 

My Experience 
So far in my doula career I have had the privilege of supporting women at home births, in a midwife led unit and in a delivery/obstetric unit. I have supported induced birth and surgical birth (planned and unplanned). I have supported women with tokophobia, previous birth trauma, a history of precipitous labours and women expecting a rainbow baby. I have supported same sex couples and solo parents. 

A Bit More About Me…
I live in St Neots with my husband, my two teenage daughters a very clever border collie and a very cuddly cat. I’m an extrovert who enjoys socialising, I used to be a philosophy lecturer and love nothing more than a deep and meaningful with a close friend.  I also love cooking (and eating), walking my dog in the local nature reserve and yoga.

My Services
Group antenatal/hypnobirthing classes (face to face) in Cambridge: £275 per couple for a 5 week course (total 12.5 hours)
Private antenatal/hypnobirthing courses by zoom £350 (total 10 hours)
Private antenatal/hypnobirthing courses in person £400 (total 10 hours)
Additional sessions on active birth or breastfeeding and early days parenting preparation also available.
Rewind technique for birth trauma:  £250 (3 sessions, can be done on zoom or face to face or a mixture of both)
Full doula package: £1800 (includes unlimited antenatal sessions, course attendance if desired, on call from 38 weeks until birth, pool hire if required, birth attendance, 1 postnantal visit + remote support for up to 6 weeks postpartum).
Please get in touch for more details.

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