Jo Rogers


I love nurturing nurturers. Life can be joyous, tough, terrifying and wonderful, so it helps sometimes to know you’re not alone in it. #twinmum #actuallyautistic

The area I cover

Cambridgeshire – City Centre and South Cambs

Getting in touch

Twin life can be unpredictable so a text or email to figure out a good time for a chat would be great. If you do call, please leave me a message with clear contact details.

More about me

Hi, I’m Jo. I’m a human who is doing their best to be kind and not drink all the coffee. I’m a mum to young twins, living in a village just outside Cambridge with my husband and two cats. I trained with Developing Doulas in 2012 and have been supporting families in the local area and on the web since then. I am also a trained Spiritual Companion with the Spiritual Companions Trust.

I am a Doula UK member and have been through their mentoring system, meaning that your mentorship with me will stand with Doula UK as well as Developing Doulas.

The practicalities of trying to doula with toddler twins who still won’t settle for anyone but me are just too tricky so I am not actively doulaing birth or postnatal clients right now, but I am available for a chat on Zoom if you would like virtual support or information.

I am involved with my local and national doula communities. I can talk to folk on Zoom or the phone, and being a companion is something that I am passionate about. I love creating a container that gives people a compassionate space to be curious and I can’t wait to start giving back to the DD community. I am able to gently challenge you to explore and grow in a space that is energetically holding and encourages brave and creative exploration of self, belief and your doula practice.

I believe that being a doula isn’t all about what you know, it is who you are. I can support you to explore this, as well as being there for you as you grow your business and develop into the doula you want to be. I am deeply passionate about self kindness and gentle but robust self inquiry. 

I will support you to lean in, step closer to who you truly are at your core, develop strong and compassionate boundaries, and challenge yourself to be the deepest expression of ‘doula’ you can be.

Becoming a companion with Developing Doulas is my act of service for the organisation that gave me a home, a community, and a family where there was none before. Developing Doulas gave me space to grow and learn, laugh and cry and dance and drum and sing with all my heart and soul. It gave me a way to serve humanity in the most sacred and special of ways; supporting those giving birth to themselves as they birth the next generation. This is why I am honoured to be your companion – I will to nurture you as a new DD, the way that I was, paying the love forward. This is how we change the world together into a more compassionate, loving place.

I am happy to take on a small number of DDs as Primary Companions and will be available for one off sessions for DDs who would like specialist support.

Areas of specialism:

I live with multiple chronic illness and can help you to navigate balancing client work with deep self-care, realistic boundaries and pacing.

I am passionate about infant feeding and am a Breastfeeding Counsellor with the ABM. 

I am intimately acquainted with some of the challenges and joys of NICU and twin parenting and am happy to share those experiences.

I have been creating sacred space and ceremony for over 20 years and am happy to support you to create life rites for yourself and clients including prenatal ceremonies, mother blessings and naming ceremonies.

Cultivating benevolent presence and balancing the nervous system to better enable compassionate witnessing for the self and others. I can support you to implement simple, repeatable techniques that really work.

I have undertaken training with Cruse and can support you through personal or client bereavement situations.

I am a vibrational essence therapist and can help you provide information to support clients through their journey with flower and other essences.

I am an experienced henna artist and I am happy to talk to you about using henna safely with your clients.

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