Maddie McMahon

Hi, I’m Maddie. I’m mother to 2 wonderful young people and stepmum to one wonderful, all-grown-up person. I’m a Recognised birth and postnatal doula, doula course leader and doula mentor. I have also been a breastfeeding counsellor since 2005 and founded a well-known breastfeeding support group in 2007.  I am co-founder of Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance.

I live in Girton and work with families all over Cambridgeshire and sometimes beyond.

I used to teach English but gave it up because parents and babies are far more fascinating! There is quite literally no greater honour to be had in life than supporting new families.

I have been doing this thing since the beginning of 2004 so have now been around for the births of well over 150 babies. I was shortlisted for the Doula UK Doula of the Year Award in 2009 and Doula Mentor of the year in 2018.

 am a registered Breastfeeding Counsellor with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

I run a Doula Preparation Course and enjoy guiding women through their first steps to becoming a doula

I am a Mentor for Doula UK.

My books Why Doulas Matter and Why Mothering Matters are published by Pinter & Martin

or text me on 07977 921709

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