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I am a postnatal doula in the Guildford, Surrey area, offering support for mothers in the first 3-6 months post birth.
I am also a DD companion supporting new postnatal doulas.

The area I cover

I am very local to Guildford City (15 minutes drive to the city centre)Farnham Town centre (15/20 minutes)Godalming Town centre (15/20 minutes)Woking Town Centre (30 minutes) Hindhead (20 minutes)Haselmere town centre (30 minutes)

Getting in touch

If you would like to contact me for postnatal doula support or as a DD companion, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

It would be lovely to hear from you and have a chat through any questions you may have. 

More about me

It takes a village!  No mother is alone. The first few months of motherhood can be a conflict of amazement and joy versus overwhelm and loneliness.  My work as a postnatal doula is to help create a space where the mother can embrace the postpartum period within her own safe and nurturing sanctuary at her own pace, empowering her to trust her instincts and offering her reassurance.

The concept of space is so important for a mother and baby to bond, for a woman to heal and rest, reflect and process after birthing a baby in whatever way, and for a family to adjust and adapt. Postnatal support can provide an ear to listen, a hand to hold and encourage a woman to give herself permission to hibernate in a familiar environment while she physically recovers and emotionally transitions. 

Having had my own experience of both pregnancy and birth, alongside health complications, I have learnt a great deal about the importance of self care, rest, recovery, nutrition and the benefits of holistic support. My own journey has given me a broad insight into the areas of secondary infertility, PCOS, breast cancer, mothering through tweens as well as postnatal mental health, PND and PTSD. My postnatal services include baby wearing, mindful breastfeeding peer support, postnatal massage, TBR 3 Step Rewind trauma therapy and a check in service that enables the mother, baby and partner, if desired, to have a thorough discussion around development, self care, emotional health and physical recovery at 2,6,12,16 and 20 weeks. I am also trained in Makaton signing for baby development as well as with any babies with Down Syndrome. I offer many of my services over zoom too if necessary. I also specialise in postnatal cancer support. 

In addition, I co-run the Motherspace group from the Healthcare Hub in Tongham just outside Guildford, once a month. It is a special space for local mothers with babies under crawling age, to connect, chat, make friends and feel reassured and relaxed. There are always homemade cakes and treats, hot tea and coffee and an opportunity for mothers to discuss any areas that are worrying them. It is a chance for them to get in touch with their creativity, to learn about other local services and get tips around activities and tools like baby massage, baby yoga and journalling. The sessions always end with a short meditation. 

Having worked over the years, with so many women who are healing and recovering from various life events, I feel passionately about women’s health and wellbeing. Investing in time and space to be nourished and nurtured without judgment or pressure is not a luxury, it is a necessity and the benefits of this support can make such a difference to that first year.  As Nurse Franklin told a postpartum mother in every doulas favourite show, Call The Midwife, ‘Accepting help is the opposite of failing, it is the only way to succeed.’ 

In November 2021, I was invited to be a DD companion and feel passionately about supporting new doulas as they begin this incredible journey. The doula community is a very special place. Being able to ask for advice, guidance and having someone to debrief each client with, can help process and reflect as a new doula learns and gains experience. Just as no mother is alone, no doula is alone either and we are always learning! If you are a doula looking for a postnatal companion and would like a chat, it would be great to talk. 

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