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Hello and welcome to the online version of the Developing Doulas preparation course! Kick off your shoes and get comfy!

We are so pleased you’re here although we would much prefer to be getting to know you face to face! We are looking forward so much to sharing real-life space with the covid-cohort of new doulas! You will be a very special generation of doulas!

Can I introduce our centre mandala. Here is a picture of it on day one, with some of the manual pages spread out on it. This is the place where we gather at times during the course, to sit close and share deep feelings and thoughts. Being unable to touch doesn’t mean we can’t still connect in this place and create a power-circle of wonderful people who feel driven to support birthing families.

We hope you’ll enjoy the course. We know what a leap of faith it is to embark on a doula course and we promise to work hard on making sure that faith is justified! If you have any worries or questions during the course, do feel you can talk to us, either in the facebook group that accompanies this course or privately, by phone, email or zoom/skype, just let us know what you need.

During this course you might have preconceptions, opinions or prejudices
challenged. This might be painful or inspire regret, anger or defensiveness. Remember, this is a safe place to express those feelings, either in the group or privately.

Mostly, we hope you have fun as you work through the course. There are no tests or exams at the end of modules, you will be able to go backwards as well as move forward through the modules so that you can review content that you have already read, if you want. There will be a combination of written content and some videos, although as you can imagine, we are trying to get this content up and published quickly, it may not be as professional as we would like. We do hope you’ll bear with us and join us in the facebook group for real-time sharing, facebook lives and general chitchat.

We’ll also be scheduling some zoom calls so we can all get together, get to know each other and build the bonds between us that the doula community is so famous for!

So let’s get started! Dive in and enjoy! Once you’ve completed a section, just click on to the next bit.

It goes without saying that the content you’ll read and watch in this course belongs to Developing Doulas (apart of course, from the external links to other resources). We trust that you will not take this material and present it as your own, or plagiarize it in any way. You are welcome to quote things from the course, just please, please remember to credit Developing Doulas. This is practicing kindness, consideration and the ethical behaviour we expect of high quality doulas.

DDoula Love, Maddie, Zara, Katie, Aimee and Verina x

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