How To Be a Bad Mother: 10 ways to get better maternity care

Ok I admit it, I chose that title to get your attention. Now you’re here, let me explain. Right now, maternity services are in a state of collapse. Like all places of chaos, things can be pretty unpredictable – sometimes doulas see their clients getting top notch care and sometimes care can be slapdash, unkind, … Read more

When Maternity Breaks

This post is by a Developing Doulas graduate who volunteers for the March With Midwives campaign – a UK wide campaign, started by doulas in our community to protest against the poor working conditions that midwives are enduring and how these conditions impact on the women and people they serve. Elle’s essay beautifully explains what … Read more


So I want to talk a little about anger. You may think that anger is a negative thing for us to be talking about when we are trying to focus on self care and self compassion, but bear with me and I hope you’ll understand why I want to speak a few words on this … Read more

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