Happiness: 7 Top Tips For Serenity

The world is in a sorry state. Violence, death and destruction bombard us whenever we switch on the television. Unkindness seems to be everywhere. Worry – about money, our health, or loved ones is rife. It’s easy to feel downhearted and it’s hard to see our clients struggling. So it is important that we care … Read more

Doula Regulation, Yes Or No?

Regulation of doulas has been a topic of conversation in the birth world for many years. Should doulas be regulated? If so, who by? But perhaps we should start at the beginning; what exactly do we mean by regulation? The Gov.uk website defines a regulated profession as one that: ‘…is defined in the Professional Qualifications Bill. … Read more

It’s Not Fair: Mental Load and Emotional Labour

Maddie McMahon on the invisible work mothers have to do In twenty years of watching new families and listening to mothers, one aspect of family life has stood out to me: the emotional burden that mothers carry. Working women, business owners, highly regarded academics, busy mothers of many, teachers, mentors, friends doing all the practical … Read more

How To Be a Bad Mother: 10 ways to get better maternity care

Ok I admit it, I chose that title to get your attention. Now you’re here, let me explain. Right now, maternity services are in a state of collapse. Like all places of chaos, things can be pretty unpredictable – sometimes doulas see their clients getting top notch care and sometimes care can be slapdash, unkind, … Read more

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