5 Ways I Listen to Women

I’ve been thinking a lot about listening recently. These two ears have heard some stories, I can tell you! I hear stories of love, trauma, betrayal, bitterness, jealousy, romance, exaltation and secrets that would turn you scarlet.   As I listen to women, I watch their faces or, if on the phone, listen as hard … Read more

Amazing DDs!

There are amazing things going on out there in the world that are being manifest by Developing Doulas graduates. In one city, an enormous group of mothers have found friendship, freedom to nurse in public and a sense of empowerment – all brought together by one new doula. Somewhere else in the world, a young … Read more

Dads and Doulas

Dads are an integral part of many planned births nowadays and many want to be very involved but there is a lot to think about when it comes to how a doula can complement the father’s role. Here’s a good article from Doulas of North America about the way we support fathers.

Dreaming of Being a Doula? 

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