Happiness: 7 Top Tips For Serenity

The world is in a sorry state. Violence, death and destruction bombard us whenever we switch on the television. Unkindness seems to be everywhere. Worry – about money, our health, or loved ones is rife. It’s easy to feel downhearted and it’s hard to see our clients struggling. So it is important that we care … Read more

Spring Into Summer with DD Companion Sam Reynolds

As we step into June, DD Companion Sam Reynolds reflects on her month of May and what this time of year means to her, professionally and personally. May ‘Spring is often more about foundational growth – inner growth, inner seeds being planted, our roots. Before we burst out, into the outside world, into the much … Read more

a pile of coins

How Much Does a Doula Earn? Expensive luxury or free volunteer?

Neither and Both! There is no easy answer to that question. What a doula earns varies immensely from doula to doula, place to place and time to time. It might also depend of what other revenue streams you have and how you go about your marketing. It certainly isn’t a predictable salary. Here at Developing … Read more

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